Girl Drama UPDATE!

Segun algunas classmates, there are 2 girls (which were not mentioned in my blog) that were SO OFFENDED by my blog post on "Too much Chicks" that they have tried to tell everyone else in the class to not work with me on projects or to simply stay away from me. - Seriously?! What are you, 15?! Where are you, in HS?! GIVE ME A BREAK! Todovia siguen con esta cosa!! - However, the classmates have not shown importance and still talk to me.

One of the mentioned Greeks (the one who asks too many questions) was also apparently OFFENDED and brought it up in class. Last Friday, we started a new class called Intercultural Mngt and we were talking about judging people too fast, how to work with different cultures, language barriers, etc. The teacher told us to try to not have 1 bad judgment for an hour and if you did have 1, to raise your hand and share it. So Elena (the questioning Greek) raised her hand and said "Someone said I asked too many questions and I felt offended - it makes me feel stupid" - I immediately raised my hand in order to clear the air with her but everyone else just started asking other questions - and the 2 other girls (the ones trying to leave me friend-less) started making stupid comments about judging to fast; that I just let it go, I didn't care anymore. They have their opinion, I have mine. Ya me aburri de esta shet! After class, Crystal approached me and told me if I was ok after being "slammed" but I told her I was completely fine, that I didn't feel slammed at all by their comments and that they are just being HS about this. Crystal immediately said, most of the class felt the same way about my blog drama. The only ones with the problem are Elena (greek) and the 2 other chicks Vanesa (Canada/Italy) and Nicole (California).

Since we have also started a couple new classes, we still introduce ourselves to the new teachers and the girls have used my EURO nickname as an introduction; even the EURO herself! She loves it! I knew she did! - You see! I don't know what the problem was or is then?!

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