Now that I got some time on my hands, 3 hours to be exact on my Boston layover, let me explain my flight schedule. So I left Nicaragua on the 5th to Miami and I was there for 2 nights. I needed to buy some winter clothes because I obviously do not have any. I found a great B/W coat, gray wedge boots from Aldos, warm leggings, long sleeve shirts, leg warmers, gloves, and beanies. I went directly to Dadeland and shopped about 5 hours straight. For the very 1st time, I was OVERWHELMED! Specially at the shoe store! So many beautiful boots, stilettos, pumps, flats! OMG! I at least wanted 10 different pairs, but I just couldn't do that to my dad's credit card. I stayed focused and bought only the necessary objects. Besides clothes, I also bought some mani/pedi stuff b/c they say salons are pretty pricey and most importantly the European/US converter for the outlets for my hair straightener, cell phone, laptop, and my blow dryer. However, I didn't buy my blow dryer, I was too focused on clothes and I also forgot bed sheets. Bueno, ni modo. I'll try to find a Pali or Walmart in Italy, I'm sure they have a cheap store like that. I also got the chance to see my estranged friend, R! She is looking good! Erika, R, and I had dinner at Chilis last nite after a 40 minute wait, however we were served in 10 mins flat! (In the following order - our main dishes, our drinks, and then the appetizer!) and since we were so hungry - I totally forgot to take a picture of us, so I have no evidence :(

Today, I woke up at 6am and was at the airport by 7 45am. I was in the AA line for 45 mins, security check line for another 45 mins, and my gate was the last gate in the D area. It was soo far away, I lost my breath! Plus the cold air didn't help, mas cansada me sentia! When I got to my gate, CNN couldn't stop talking about all the terrorists acts and arrests there are have been on the planes. Just yesterday a man in Miami was arrested for making rude incorrect behavior on the plane. So hopefully everyone is going to keep their mouths shut on the plane now. So while I waited for my flight to Boston, it was delayed 15 mins. But now I am in Boston (at the moment). It was a 3 hour flight over here and now I am in a beanbag sponsored by Google on my 3 hour layover! Right now, I am waiting for it to be 6:20 to get on my 10 hour flight to Belgium. Q CANSADO! Hopefully they will have some good movies though.

I already miss my family, specially my mother! However, like she told me, this journey could only brings us a lot closer. I know I'll see her and dad soon, probably in the summer and I can't wait to show them around Italy.

P.S. Thank you Collado family for the incredible hospitality, Jorge for the airport pickup, and R & Erika for dinner last nite! :D BESOS!


  1. there's no Walmart but you can find a cheap hair dryer in Italy :) Good luck at Polimoda, I went there too.

  2. hey! i just saw your blog, its great! i wish i had read it before getting here! but so far so good. im still apt looking. and what did u study at polimoda?


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