Inspiring: Jessica Alba

she does it again!

floral blazer by Style Stalker Fight Club, $198
trouser jeans by Current Elliott, The Harvest Tux, $218


What I Wore: US Open

actually more like, what I will be wearing at the US Open while working for Ralph Lauren! :)
shop the US OPEN / Ralph Lauren gear HERE.
and peeping at their Fall 2012 campaign.

Nicaragua Diseña

Visit the website for contact details, application process, requirements, and general info


Nicaragua Diseña 2012

The Nicaraguan Tourism Board and Nicaraguan designer, Shantall Lacayo join forces in search of Nicaraguan designers and artists to participate in the first official design fair dedicated to Nicaraguan innovative design, “Nicaragua Diseña 2012” which translates to Nicaragua Designs 2012. The fair’s objective is to offer new generations of artists and independent designers an opportunity to showcase their diverse innovations and trends at a cultural and creative incubator to a general and international public.

“NICARAGUA Diseña 2012” will be an event completely dedicated to the support and promotion of Nicaraguan creativity in order to attract potential international buyers. During these two days, the audience will be able to enjoy a design incubator that explores diverse stems of creativity while culturally indulging themselves with new ideas and trends in the fashion design, architecture, furniture, visual art, and much more. This event will be a platform for the top Nicaraguan emerging and independent artists, design institutes and businesses. The fair will encourage the consumption of designs labeled as “designed and made in Nicaragua” and showcase the best Nicaraguan workmanship quality as well as their artistic potential. The fair’s target market will extend to trend makers, business investors, press, design professionals, potential clients, celebrities, universities, buyers, and general public.  “NICARAGUA Diseña 2012” will set Nicaragua apart as a potential and multi-faceted country not only in Latin America but internationally through the exhibition of young and modern talented entrepreneurs.

“NICARAGUA Diseña 2012 has currently started and will conclude the reception of applications by August 30th, 2012. The following design categories are being summoned: Fashion design, Accessories, Shoes, Architecture, Gardening, Furniture, Contemporary design, Art, Textile design, and Digital design. 

This event will be held at the Crowne Plaza Convention Center in Managua on October 21 – 22, 2012. 

General questions can be addressed to the e-mail: info@shantalllacayo.com.





Inspiring: Rosario Murillo

i took a class at Polimoda called fashion trends. we basically produced 3 or 4 powerpoint presentations on random trends - one of them being "Inspiring Women". my team and i ended up presenting Dita Von Teese but I had pitched them Rosario Murillo. the other teams presented Jackie O, Carla Bruni, and well I can't remember the rest. point is, we had to present to the class, women who have influenced fashion in their personal and work life as well affecting others along the way. therefore, that is why i pitched Rosario Murillo. she's eclectic, bold, daring, and doesn't give a flying f*ck what you think of her stacked rings and bracelets and 400 different dresses (apparently she never wears the same outfit twice).

years ago, i read an article in Magazine for La Prensa Nicaragua about her life and in it of course, there were pictures of her earlier years and i was definitely impressed. she rocked print pants, chunky accessories, the cat eye eye makeup, flat hipster boots, and the pixie cut! and to prove it, i found this picture on Nicaragua del Recuerdo, album Personajes.

Murillo continues to prove she will not ever be what you consider 'normal' and your typical first lady.

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