Hats Down ... It's Crazy Small!

While going through the smelly sales racks and funky accessories of H&M, Crystal and I found a couple of funny miniature hat/hair accessories, which we couldn't stop laughing at. Now I wonder from who did H&M steal this idea from? I know Miu Miu & Ban.Do create amazing headband and hair accessories. But then it hit me! H&M loves Lady GaGa (they have a lot of printed t-shirts of her) !! ... and Lady GaGa loves Philip Treacy! She even applied for an internship back in May, after having worked with him on many of her extravagant red carpet and concert looks. However, these little hats suck compared to Jennifer Behr, Ban.Do, Philip Treacy and Miu Mius amazing creations .... don't you think?

Philip Treacy's Unique Sculptures

Pink Bow Headpiece, Philip Treacy, Retail Price: 934 euros

LOVE to Splurge on Hair Accessories? I HIGLY recommend:


White Summer: Black Intimates

At the height of the Florentine summer many prefer to wear head to toe white. As kids, we are told in art class that white is the lightest and coolest color to wear during melting summers and as adults, wearing white is the most refreshing and ethereal feeling - but why is it that we detach this unique sensation by wearing black intimates which can clearly be seen by all?

The first time, I remember seeing a black bra and white shirt combo was on Sex & the City by Carrie. She did it all the time and since the show was very influential everyone (including myself) started doing this. It quickly went from faux-paux to sexy & outrageous to plain normal.

Here are a few pictures that I managed to find on Ashley Olsen and "Carrie Bradshaw" (I know picture quality sucks but it's just an idea)

Honestly, I like the black bra and white top look (only black bra not hot pink, red, or any changeable detailed strap like skateboarders who change their Converse shoe laces do) but what I don't like is when women wear black underwear (thong, shorts, boxers, etc) with a beautiful white dress or linen pants - not a good look. This past weekend, Crystal and I spotted this woman. All I have to say is - if you do this, stop! It looks terrible. There are many amazing nude colored panties that can remain unseen when wearing white linen pants. or you can also go commando - even more refreshing! ;)


Interview Dress Code Pointers

Here are some tips on how to dress for an interview from what I've learned.


  • Should always have a Sharp, Clean, and Tailored Pant, Suit, and/or Blazer
  • Solid classic colors like Gray & Black (you'll never go wrong)
  • Closed Shoes (A little peep toe isn't too bad)
  • Minimal detail (exception explained later)
  • Mani & Pedi
  • Natural makeup (and shower)

WOMEN DON'T even try this:

  • No-No to Tight, Body-Con dresses (unless you are looking into the late night entertainment industry)
  • No-No to Sheer or Cleavage baring tops (its an interview not a party)
  • No-No to worn out shoes, thigh high boots, flippy-floppies, sneakers (if you are going to show a little peep toe make sure you have a presentable pedicure)
  • No-No to excess and bright makeup
  • No-No to New shoes? or do you only have sky-high heels? If you can't walk in them, you might look like a drunk so leave them at home.
  • No-No to Animal print (I love love animal print but for some reason I don't its acceptable)
  • No-No to Boring suits (Be original!)
  • No-No to Tank tops and jeans (they are for BBQs)
  • No-No to showering yourself with your perfume bottle
  • BIGGEST NO-NO to FAKES of the company you want to be hired to
WOMEN try this:
  • Bow tie tops
  • ONE Statement piece (ring, necklace .... this is a great conversation starter)
  • Graphic print dress or blouse
  • Vintage handbag

Here are some more ideas from Net-A-Porter & Forever 21

Paul & Joe Petitpot Ruffled Dress from Net-A-Porter for 360 euros
Blue Basic Silk Top from Forever 21 only for $22.80

Most importantly be on TIME, dress to IMPRESS, keep it REAL, .... you want to be memorable just like that amazing cover letter you wrote to get the job you want. GOOD LUCK! ;) 

Patrick Robinson, Creative Designer for the Gap, says "You need to dress in a style that works for the brand you're interviewing for. If you're going into the Gap, you should look like the Gap. but don't come in dressed like one of the ads. You need to express you own style as well." (Source: Teen Vogue, An Insider's Guide to Careers in Fashion) 

What to Wear to an Internship Interview

Last week, I had no idea what to wear to my internship interview with Pucci and started googling and going through Vogue, Elle, and WhoWhatWear for ideas but not a lot came up. So I'll give you some ideas based on what my friends and I wore, plus some rules on what to wear and what not to wear.

First Look (Me): Gray Tee (H&M), Black&Blue skirt (Forever 21), Bib (MaxMara), Shoes (Stella McCartney)
My Inspiration: Lauren Conrad of The Hills


Second Look (Megha): White short sleeved Top, Brown Houndstooth stretch skirt, Tan pointy pumps

Megha's Inspiration: "50s Secretary" Let's take Joan Holloway from Mad Men. She's viewed as a mature, stylish woman who knows how to use her sexuality to control her life.

Third Look (Crystal): Graphic dress (H&M) with Sergio Rossi Oxford "Shoeties"

Crystal's Inspiration: Pop Abstract Expressionist with a Jackson Pollock inspired print dress




Hey Everyone! I've decided to experiment like the rest of the world by starting a fashion blog. I already have my Italian Life Blog http://beatriceitaliana.blogspot.com/ but lately I've been wanting to start this new one. I love The Sartorialist, Fashion Toast, Jak&Jil, and +50 more fashion bloggers. I live in a city where fashion was born and I'm planning to move to a city where fashion is a must (NYC) - therefore, I'm going to try to catch it and show you. Being in Italy, I have traveled to a lot of places and seen how fashion changes from Florence to Milan to Athens to Berlin. In addition, to my travels, I also attend a very fashionable school. Right now we are on our summer break and there are less students but during the Fall I should have captured a lot of amazing looks. My pictures will not be professional but they will give you an idea of what I see, like, don't like, trends, looks, etc. Hope you like!

Getting ahead in a difficult profession requires avid faith in yourself. That is why some people with mediocre talent, but with great inner drive, go so much further than people with vastly superior talent. 

Internship, Interviews, Jobs, ... Oh My!

This is where it gets tough, emails are sent to us from our Internship Office if we are interested in working with XX company or we send emails all day through our own connections or craigslist in order to be one of the many trying to get a piece of that pie. I can probably say I have sent out +30 emails to internships mostly in NYC and have only received 2 feedbacks and just recently an interview that couldn't have gone more wrong or awkward.

Through school I have only applied to 3 of the 10 internships they have sent me. Why? Well most of them ask for STRONG command of Italian and mine isn't as strong. I also do not want to stay in Italy. I think I'm pretty much done. I have seen and conquered and I'm ready to hit NYC - I love that city! It's a fast-paced, walking, subway, historical, lively, and most importantly fashion city! The 3 internships I've applied to are companies I believe in, know of, or the position opening was very interesting - Ferragamo, Pucci, and Tom Ford. Our of these 3, I wish I could have gotten the Pucci one. My 1st designer bag was a Pucci and I can totally relate to their consumer. However, I had to turn it down because they needed some immediately and my parents are coming soon and our plans are booked. When I had to give it up - I remembered the episode of The Hills when Lauren said no to Paris so she could be with her love, Jason. LOL Its a completely different situation! But it's like I missed an opportunity of a lifetime. But like Tupac says "Keep Your Head Up" - powerful words to live by - something better will be around the corner, I know it. - The Tom Ford job is a dream! But there's strong competition, the guy is interviewing all over Europe and UK for the perfect merchandising assistant! This interview went very very well but it also went as well for the rest of the girls ... so its hard to tell.

These internship openings are tough because you know who your "competition" is, where they worked, how long they worked there, if they have the right experience, what languages they speak - YOU KNOW IT ALL! It's stressful. You know who wants it, who applies to it, and how it went for them. Stressful, Scary, and Competitive. - I didn't get the Ferragamo interview. I applied but not called. That was a wake up call! I fixed my resume and doubted myself for a second - but know I know what my strengths and weaknesses are. Like I said, some jobs just won't be meant for me and there are million more openings, and few hundred that want me - I just have to find them!

The awkward interview I was talking about was weird because it was on the phone. First I had technical difficulties calling and ran down to the corner shop, so the guy could explain the calling card procedure to me, I was 5-7 minutes late to my phone interview, and as I was talking as I was going up the stairs to my apartment (4 flights of stairs) and I couldn't stop panting. I thought phone interviews were easier but they're not! You obviously can't see the persons face (therefore read them), shake hands, personal presentation, or the possible office. What a disaster!

I just want an internship!


Let Me Be Real

 Quote: "In the deepest hour of the night, confess to yourself that you would die if you were forbidden to write. And look deep into your heart where it spreads its roots, the answer, and ask yourself, must I write?'" 
- Rainer Maria Rilke
 (this script is written on Lady Gaga's inner left arm)

Song: "Let Me Be Real" by Fedde Le Grand featuring Mitch Crown

Lyrics: You know very well who you are
           Don't let em hold you down, reach for the stars
           You had a goal, but not that many
           'Cause you're the only one I'll give you good and plenty
                                                                      - "Juicy" by The Notorious BIG


In the Summer Time When the Weather is Cool ....

School is cool, the girls will be girls, and we are almost at the end. Its been 6 months! I can't believe it. I think after all Polimoda did teach me a few things (I wish a couple classes and professors would have been better) but at the end of the day I came, I saw, I conquered - sounds like I'm leaving soon but not yet! I'm still looking for the perfect internship and mainly looking in NYC. 

We are now down to a few classes a week and our final group project, Phard (say it slowly and it sounds gross :S ) and Zu (like Zoo) Elements - tween casual clothing and jean companies from back in the 90s - kinda like the Tommy Hilfigier for Italian kids. Our mission is to re-launch them - this will be tough because we are not excited at all. However, its quite the challenge - helping a company re-launch their ghost company.
Its also June and the climate finally decided to settle for melting hot. My poor parents are going to die in my A/C-less apartment but at least my landlord gave me a standing fan, algo es algo! I wish I had a pool here. I hear there's a public pool in the city ... but that doesn't sound too much fun - All I picture is kids running and jumping into the pool and spilling my mojito. I called a few hotels but they reserve their pools for their guests (damnit!) I need to figure this out!

Just 3 more weeks and I'll see my folks! :D
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