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When you love and understand fashion there are pictures of people, things, celebs, or ads that inspires us. They can inspire a season's look, sexiness, desire, or simply fascination. It is a little late for a Spring mood board but here it is.

I have a love - hate relationship with the preppy look but Scott Disick pulls it off so damn hot! Boys should definitely dress like this more often.

I found this on the Satorialist, he wrote about guys and skirt lenght. idk why but I am feeling this guys look.

DVF Party. My next party will look like this.

My guy friends will hate me for this but sorry I am one of those girls that thinks Cristiano Rolando is f*ckin hot. I dont care if he screwed Paris Hilton or is too metro or might be gay in your book but I couldn't help but to look at these ads all around Milan.
Steve Klein, an amazing photographer, will be the next director to the next Lady Gaga video, "Alejandro". He loves nude as much as GaGa does.
More Kardashian. As you may have noticed the Army look is in again. I tried this exact Kourtney look about 2 years ago and Reynaly and I came up with the conclusion that I looked like a dike zoo trainer. However, Kourt looks nothing like that. I'll just try it again. Plus I need my long hair back! Kourt and Khloe are my fav ones.

Look at Lourdes! All grown up. I can't wait to see what the future of fashion holds for her! Madonna actually just said, she wishes Lourdes would dress more conservative. Yeah right! She's your daughter! No such thing will happen!

What would my mood board be without my number one inspirations, the Olsen twins. Ashley looks heavenly chic!

Sheer & cropped furry coats - LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Chanel retails their own fake tattoos for $75-150 if I'm not mistaken. I think I rather take these 75 cents and go to one of those many gum ball machines at Kmart and get a lot more for my cents not even my buck! LOL

Another important person in my life. Out of the thousands of looks in the new Telephone video, I loved this one! The diet coke cans were priceless. I am seriously considering this or the americana look at the end of her video for Halloween 2010 ;)

Weird but lovely at the same time or maybe a family portrait.

I'm so jealous of how Kelly got so thin! She looks amazing, better than ever! and I of course love this dress from C. Rebelle.

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