Random Italian Things To Know

1. Some of my friends think the bus drivers are hot. After they told me this, I started checking them out and some actually are kinda hot with their slick hair pulled back and dark Ray-Bans on. Ehh not so bad. Obviously, I wouldn't date one! Q' me va mantener con un life time guarantee de bus passes? Emm no thanks.

2. I'm always asked how much do I spend at restaurants. Well it all depends on the place. Average: pizza 7-10 euros, pasta 5-10 euros, wine bottle 5-10 euros, water bottle 4 euros, and wine glass 2.50-3 euros. However, it all depends on the place, restaurant location, etc. I am just giving you an idea.

3. My tour guide told me to beware of the gelatto places closer to the Ponte Vecchio because when they prepare it, they mount it on the top where it looks all nice and yummy but when they serve it, they serve the old gelatto on the bottom of the mount. Gelatto can be 5 euros for 1 ball on a cone.

4. Always get a bus pass. They are VERY VERY strict and expensive when it comes to a fine. It is 40 euros if you don't have a bus pass! Super Carisimo! The bus pass police even has billboard ads with an angry man saying you must always have it when boarding! Algunas veces me monton al bus sin ticket o con ticket pero no lo uso - hasta el domingo! Vi 1 hombre sospechoso hablando con el conductor y en vez veo que a todos le esta chequiando el ticket! En eso pense " HIJEPUTA! , mi ticket asap! " - en eso busco el box to scan my ticket on the back of the bus and then I notice another bus pass cop! "JUEPUTA!" (jajajaja) - en eso que lo pase, me vio y me dijo, "Always do it as SOON as you get on the bus!" - asi que cuidadito!

5. The banks suck here. Para todo cobran. If you deposit money in your own account, they deduct 2 euros. If someone else deposits in your account, that is another 2 euros. If you open an account it can range from 10-20 euros and they usually have 0% interest WTF! para nada me sirven! para eso guardo mi dinero debajo mi cama!

6. Now that I have been at Milan over the weekend, like in Florence, tienen unos negros y hindus que joden! They are everywhere! En las piazzas, train stations, street corners, restaurants, subways - trying to sell you last minute umbrellas when it starts raining (my Panamanian friend is their number 1 customer, she never has one on her and has bought over 6 already), fluffy pink bunny ears, bouncy balls, helicopters, dancing monkeys, glowing spiky balls, and other random shit! - OH! and roses! For some reason restaurants always let them in and even if its girls night out, they will offer the 12 girls roses - Q' le voy a dar rosas a mis amigas!?! NOO! ALEJATE!

7. At Milan, I was also bothered by the guys offering you corn for the pigeons - NO I will not feed them and be attacked by them! - I had to tell a guy to get the fuck away - en serio! They will not take NO for an answer.

8. Italians have been nice to me when it comes to the language barrier. Alli nos entendemos bien.

9. Don't eat Italian or sandwiches (paninis) 2 months prior coming to Italy because it's all you will find here.

10. Italian clubs. I still haven't been to Cavalli club but I hear it is 20 euros to get in. I have been to 2 "clubs" in Florence and 1 in Milan. Florence "clubs", I've been to Twice & YAB. Why am I "" the clubs. Well because I expected a lot more! Son hyper pequeño y cierran a las 2am! WTF! Cover, 2 drinks, and for YAB is about +30 euros. Twice is 2 blocks from my apartment. I personally liked it, but my friends say its ghetto. A mi me gusto la musica, a lot more hiphop and updated songs, and drinks are 3-5 euros and NO cover ;) - pero no es ghetto! Lo que no me gusto es que hay mucho americanos. En Milan, the cover and 1 free drink was 20 euros. The drink was vodka cranberry but I got a lot more cranberry and when I asked for more vodka, he said no. We also went to a lounge having a Fashion TV party and each drink, no matter what drink was 15 freakin euros!


  1. que potty mouth! jaja...I see you are using youre using a lot of your Nica Spanglish in this post... and now I know where you hid your money. be careful. I have a good secret hiding spot Im going to share with you over chat. :)

  2. do you have a blog as well lola? i wanna read! i love blogs!

  3. she does! its soooooo good! :D


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