Too Many Chickss!

24 girls in one class for 6-9 months? I'm sensing a lil drama. I'm already having little problems when it comes to group projects, but I can't handle ;) Here's the scoop.

My class is made of 24 girls. We were 25 but she (the Russian) changed to Luxury Management - I think because she wanted to go on more trips or because she wasn't getting a long with any of us. No one was mean to her but as soon as we started working on projects, which are always in groups, she was very hard-headed. I know this through personal experience. We were a group of 4 and we had to think of a fashionable inspiring woman to talk about. So the Russian wanted her choice and her choice only. I tried to tell her that we were a group and had to come to a group decision, but she didn't understand what the word "group" truly meant. So to avoid problems we agreed to her choice, which was Dita Von Teese (I love DVT but we had a stronger option). While this happened in my group, I also heard she was being chaotic in another. (PAUSE - I've already talked about this. Oops Sorry)

OK Anyways another outstanding classmate is the EURO. It's been a little after a month and I'm pretty sure if you ask her, "Where are you from?", she'll still say "I'm from Europe" and you'll say "What do you mean??, I mean country!!" - after that she'll start naming about 6 or 7 countries in Europe, just because she has lived there, her parents or grandparents were born there, and obviously the one country she was born in. I just say I'm from Nicaragua and US, both have been my homes, 12 years each and I was born in the US but my parents and family are full blooded Nicas; but I guess to spice it up I'll just start telling people I'm also from Panama (my dad was only born there not raised), China (my mom kinda looks Chinese and is even nicknamed La China), and if I put together all my trips to Costa Rica - I guess I'm a Central American Chinese LMAO! She also changes her accents, sometimes she is very Brit but mostly French (ohh man when she annunciates!) and our personalities have already clashed. I can't work with her. She prefers not to work on weekends on little projects but she does like to criticize my group work when she's done none. Besides that I can't help but laugh or look down upon her OLI comments when she talks about her family money, friends, holiday houses, etc - AYY if you know me, you know I hate hate these kind of people. Please learn to not boast it's horrible! Be humble! - Bueno enough.

Today one of the girls was talking to the Indian ( from India! ) and she was telling her how she is bound to be married in 5 years! ARRANGED MARRIAGE! Ayy q horrible! I couldn't! Hell No! What IF - - - -(soo many questions are popping into my head) - She says she prefers it and hasn't meant him yet. Ayy q raro!

I've gotten along with the Asian crowd (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan) and we all noticed they can't drink or don't drink! If they drink, they get really red! One of my Latina friends says it is because of something in their blood system - drinking makes their cheeks very red and bodies very warm. I can't believe it - one drink and that's it! One of them has fallen asleep after one drink at the table twice! Ya le dijimos NO MORE DRINKS EVER! If you can't drink, don't - that way you don't go through public humiliation after a sip. - side note, one of the Asians is incredibly silly and innocent. She is so funny, she has NO idea. Everyone is constantly laughing (with or at her) in class because of her mannerisms.

My buddy has been Elvira from Panama. She's loud, hilarious, smart and has got the great latina look! I prefer the pretty people over the money people. Siempre un poco OLI ;)

The fun ones have to be the Grecian! Crazy party people ready to go! They are also the ones that take forever on a test! They'll fill up the white papers with all the info they wrote and learned in class. They ask and ask and ask so many questions in class, mostly "Can you explain again, I didn't get it?" - Side note, one of them looks just like Fergie! jejeje

Another funny and strong personality has to be the German. Her comments are OUT of line! Yeyy! I'm not the only one! very german, that's all I'll say. Example: We are all bored of being asked the difference between Luxury and Fashion, so the last teacher that asked us, got cut off by her and she told the professor to move on because we had already seen this enough times.

De alli, nose de quien mas hablar. All of them are unique, very unique. I'm sure I'll come up with more stories.

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  1. sounds like a very interesting bunch! its so funny how you describe them all....love the blog


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