The Aftermath of Blog Drama

On Thursday, I went up to my dean right after class and asked him (nicely, polite, and innocently), that I had heard there was problem with my blog and that I had heard from say they had talkd to him about it. He immediately told me not to worry, he basically made a face like "typical girl/bitch drama" and he had read my blog and that he was cool with it. My dean and I get along, and he probably understood where I was coming from. He simply told me not to write about them because we are all classmates for 9 months. So, I told him I'd privatize it, and I did. Bueno, asi talvez me puedo expresar un poco mas y no dejar ni una de mis "amigas" leerlo. Ni modo, I have been censored but I'll find a way to keep talking just like Howard Stern. If you don't like what I say, don't read it y PUNTO.

P.S. The one "friend", that told me, que "me pase" y me regaño (tipico que siempre tengo una amiga asi, always telling me to stay out of trouble and shut my mouth - ya saben quienes son y saben que las amo mucho!) - well that one "friend" and I talked today and she said something like "as much as I didn't like your one post, I do enjoy your blog - you have amazing story telling skills and should take it seriously, when I read your blog I feel like you are talking to me and I can picture every moment". - Cuando ella me dijo eso, I felt so happy, because that is what I try to do for all of you, I want you guys to share every moment with me. I am alone here and feel like I need to get it all out there and simply share. "Sharing is Caring" jejejeje

BTW I " " the word friend because, I do not want to get attached with people here. After this stupid problem, I felt pushed by my 2 "friends" to do a public apology to the class, which I did not do. I don't believe I did anything wrong. I simply expressed that one girl is "oli, fresa, etc" and another is always asking questions. Like I said, just dont read my blog then or change your attitude and be humble and if you ask too many questions, ok - well you do! what's so damn offensive about that?! - a la misma vez, creo que tengo suficiente amigas, which I love and care for very much. Los buenos amigos estan contado con la mano o con las manos if your lucky.

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