Good News! Good Luck! GOOD GOOD GOOD!

After applying to countless jobs in NYC, Florence, L.A., Miami, and London. I finally chose the right one! There were a few places I would have died to work for but at the end I think the right internship found me and I found them as well. I was offered and accepted an internship for a PR firm in NYC called Shout Social. They are small but something tells me this feels very good! ... I actually turned down 2 other internships for prestigious companies in NYC while I waited for SS to tell me the good news I was hoping to hear. 

Having worked for a small business, I think choosing this new and small company, I will be surrounded by a lot more dedication, responsibilities, and most of all experience! Because I do not have any professional PR or fashion experience.

This actually all happened while my parents were here! The day they arrived 3 companies emailed me for job interviews! It was like my luck had changed or just having the positive energies and love from my parents made me forget the stress and take it a little easy with the interviews.

I am beyond happy! I wanted PR and I got it! I wanted NYC and I got it!

Thank you to everyone who has had me in their thoughts and prayers! I love you all!

More Shout Social:

They also have facebook & twitter ;)


Fresh Whites

Besides RED and it being hot here. No one forgets their WHITEs. I'm not a big fan of the all white look (unless its my wedding dress) but after seeing soo much white today I think I'm having a change of heart ... or style. We'll see, I'll give it a try. I just love color too much ....

Summer=Hot ... Red=Hotness!

I noticed a lot of woman in red today .... Red Hot Sexy Summer!

Firenze Caldo! Caldissimo! Troppo Caldo!

Here are a few photographs I've taken (please remember I have no photography experience) of tourists and Italians around Florence in the summer. I asked some, and others were far. But they all looked great to me!

Summer School

I'm currently on vacation with my folks ... so the following pictures are a bit old. But I still love them! I shot them at school. These are a couple of my classmates - just looking amazing at summer school :)

Baby on Board!

My best friend's look a likes have to be the Kardashian sisters. Lushes Long black hair, Petite, HourGlass body, Big booty, and just damn Sexy! Too bad she's married and pregnant now ... and a she. LOL - Anywayssss ..... although she has amazing style, she asked me to help her with her baby shower look. Therefore, I went through my celeb-preggo archives. I have personally loved the baby bump styles of Ashlee Simpson, Nicole Richie, and Kourtney Kardashian.

I think pregnant women should flaunt their unique curves (no matter how big they get) - but don't let the girls too out and seem like Pamela Andersons; I'm talking about showing off the baby bump! Like Kourtney does; I think its extremely sexy how she rocked the red carpet with this simple white dress and well what's a hotter accessory than your bump?! Ashlee also goes simple with her day to day look; showing off the baby bump skin just a tad - again looking very sexy.

When I was going through my celeb preggo pics, I found Jennifer Garner. I just don't like her pregnant or normal style at all! In spanish, we call her "Papa sin Sal" - literally: unsalted potatoe. LOL - It means: Plain Jane. Pregnancy is the most beautiful experience! and after looking at her pics, I was just disappointed. She wore jeans, plain shirts, t-shirts, and turtle necks. I have no problem with monochronic t-shirts or stretchy jeans - but COME ON woman! Ayyy she's just so plain for me. She probably shops at Pea in a Pod. Fashionista moms hate that place!

Now I've never been pregnant, but I like pregnant women in:

  • Maxi dresses
  • Tight Cocktail dresses
  • Empire or Grecian inspired dresses
  • Black Leggings or Cig Pants with a great top and Blazer
  • Fitted Blazers or Jean Jackets over SuperSized Cardigans (because you don't want to appear bigger)
  • Horizontal Stripes
  • NOT too much cleavage (save it for the baby. the world already knows your expecting - but they aren't expecting to see your nipple drip)
  • Flowy hair down (not tied up in a knot, just because you can't seen your feet doesn't mean you can't reach your hair dryer)

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