WHITE Night!

NO! It is not a racist nite! White Night was this past Friday night because it was Labor day the following day. Therefore all the stores stay open till midnight, concerts are set up all over the city (corners and piazzas), restaurants and bars set up some more space, drinks, and food on the streets for all the partygoers on the streets, and a dance/drum band was going around town. ALEGRISIMO! The girls from school came over to my house for some predrinks and we hit the street at midnight. We started on the street but it was sooooo crowded we got lost within 15 mins of being there LOL Asi que we bar and club hopped. We went to this one place that had great music and the bartenders threw napkins all over the place. I was probably under a foot of napkins and I lost one of my favorite chandelier earrings in there! :( :( We all wet home at 5am and the streets were still full of people partying pero yo ya estaba muertaaaa! White Night was a success and a night to remember!

Internship Process begins!

Last Thursday I had my first individual meeting with the Internship department at Polimoda. I was asked how my Italian was going, my resume was reviewed, and I was asked where in fashion do I want to work in. - My Italian is alrite, it's pretty much basic conversational, my resume has no fashion/retail background compared to the other girls but I know and I'm hoping for something good, and I want to work in any fashion house corporate headquarter, management, customer management, visual merchandising, or product development. They also asked me where - I have no preference, I am open to everything and anywhere!


Bueno I'm also looking for internships on my own, just in case I don't like the fashion house that picks me. Because the school sends out my resume to the companies and jobs that best suit me, I can always turn them down but if only 1 wants me, I have to take it. Asi que I'm applying to jobs in NYC and London. I know what you are all thinking STAY IN EUROPE! I'll try but I just don't like their work ethic and lifestyle. But I'm aiming towards London! I'd love to go there.

I keep my secrets right now and not tell you where I have applied so far but please pray for me! jejeje I need it! I need a job already! I'm 25 this year! No puedo ser mantenida por papi ni mami anymore, I need to support them and buy them tickets to fly them out to see me! jejeje

Ah! Ya a finales de Mayo my 1st interviews begin! FINGERS CROSSED! :D

Spaghetti Secrets!

The funniest thing happened at my Cultural Communications class, you know the class where we learn how to work with different cultures. So for the last 2 lessons we have been watching and explaining bits of the movie that shows an international meeting between an Indian, Egyptian, Italian, North American, British, Chinese, and German person. Each of their cultural aspects are too exaggerated! The funniest part was when it shows them all having dinner in order to get to know each other (by the way they are in Rome for the meeting). Therefore, the Italian plays a key hosting role. He is very kind and tells them what they should eat (everything he describes is NOT on the menu because he believes the menu is just a suggestion and the chef can prepare anything) and they all go for it..... except the American woman. She tells the waiter she wants "Just spaghetti"; the Italian asks "Are you sure? Are you ok?"; she says "Yes, I just want some comfort food". When their food arrives, she is served, plain WHITE SPAGHETTI (o sea con nada de nada de salsa!) and she's like "ummm what is this? I ordered spaghetti?!"; the Italian tells her "Yes, there it is Pasta Bianca"; she says "No no no, I meant Spaghetti with Hamburger like in the U.S." and finally he says "Ohhh Nooo. Here pasta bianca is plain. What you wanted is Spaghetti al Ragu. That is why I asked if you were ok because when someone orders pasta bianca it means they are having stomach issues!"

LMAOOOOO! 1st of all, me mori de la carcajada when she said pasta with hamburger! wtf!? quien puta dice eso? 2nd of all, the teacher asked has this happened to anyone? and I was like YES! ME! (lmfao!)

When I was already here for a month, my friends and I went out to lunch and I ordered Pasta Bianca which was on the menu, thinking it was Spaghetti with White sauce! To my surprise it was just plain ol' pasta! LOL ni modo, mal entendi.

Segun mis amigas Italianas, when someone orders Pasta Bianca it is because 1. They are having tummy issues or 2. They are on a diet.

ON A DIET?! WTF!? Last thing I want to eat on a diet is pasta! but I guess that's how Italians do it ;)
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