NY Fashion Week 2013: Jimmy Kimmel

back on september 12th, on the last day of NYFW my friend sent me this Jimmy Kimmel clip called "Lie Witness News - Fashion Week 2013". 

what a coincidence! I was actually there and noticed a film crew interviewing 

the posers standing outside Lincoln Center.

it was Sunday, say about 3pm and I stopped by to take a few picsof the 

nobodies that stop and want photog attention. but sometimes an actual celebrity will walk by.

it really is turning into a Circus of Fashion. now i don't mind actual editors, models,
and stylists dressing to impress but these other people,
not only are they dying to be "fashion famous" but have no clue of the industry itself.

smh. watch the video and you'll understand.



What NOT to Wear: Fashion Job Interview

yesterday i went to a (fashion) job interview and the girl walking in after my interview was wearing jean shorts. sorry, but in my book that is a no no. i feel like, it's an honor to be considered for a position (you really want) and respectful to wear a office chic somewhat formal attire. yes, the company is laid back, loves prints, eclectic, from New York, and young - but shorts...really!? i'm not telling you to wear boring black trousers and a white long sleeved top. but you can certainly, go for a Jenna Lyons look. slimmed trousers, casual summer blazer, striped boyfriend tee and loafers. idk? mix it up. it's fashion. you can have fun but not be lazy about it. i also know it's relatively hot in NY right now - but i just can't. whatever happened to "dress to impress" or "dress for the job you want and not have"? therefore, here are some samples of jean short looks NOT to wear for a job interview (well according to me). and here are some samples of looks (featuring Jenna Lyons) you can try for your next fashion job / internship interview.

Jenna Lyons - J CREW

Jenna Lyons - J CREW
Jenna Lyons - J CREW

Hair Inspiration: Brunette to Blonde

I don't think I can pull off a blonde Queen B or blonde Kim K and I definitely do not want ombre. everyone has ombre. and once my hair is a certain length it tends to dry at the tips - so if i would dare to go ombre, i'd ruin them and have to cut it short and that is a big no no. short / medium cut is not my look. i simply look bigger. however, i can't help but want to change my hair look every so often. if i only had a personal hair stylist who could change up my look. 

so here are my latest brunette to blonde hair inspos.
perhaps for this new fall season, i'll finally give in.
stay tuned.  
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