Parallel Universe: Eddie Borgo and Karla Castillo

Eddie Borgo Tassel Drop Earring ($320)

Eddie Borgo Pave Cone Tassel Necklace ($315)

Eddie Borgo's Accomplishments:
In 2010 Eddie Borgo was awarded runner up in the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund and in 2011, Eddie Borgo won the CFDA Swarovski Award for innovation in accessory design.

Karla Castillo Tassel Drop Black Floral Earring (price upon request)

Karla Castillo Tassel "Spanish Dancer" Necklace (price upon request)

Karla Castillo's Accomplishments:
In 2012 Karla Castillo participated in the first edition of Nicaragua Diseña and presented her "On The Rocks" collection to the Nicaraguan public. In 2013, along with new Nicaraguan (Miami based) fashion designer, Marynes Arguello - they successfully held their first trunk show at The Hangar in Miami, Florida.

Shop Karla Castillo > https://www.facebook.com/KCjoyeria


Press: SER Magazine

not too shabby huh? and i love it even more because my lady boss, Shantall Lacayo is on the cover of the July 2013 edition of SER (one of the only 2 magazines in Nicaragua that not only covers socialite events but fashion editorials, lifestyle essentials, personal stories and business inspirations for the Nicaraguan society).

my profile showcases my educational background, pr girl career, Beatrice Italiana blog and social media presence and just a little extra about me. 

special thanks to EIC, Raquel Lopez for considering my profile and always supporting team SL.

it truly means a lot that not only you believe in my work but that you have decided to share my story.

alicia beatrice.

On the Cover: Shantall Lacayo - Diseño, Moda y Arte Textil wearing her FW13
Photography: Wil Martin
Production: Karla Cuadra for CMC Producción  
Creative: Alberto Cuadra 
Fashion EIC: Raquel L. López
Photography Assistant: Kelvik Pineda
Accessories: Fassino Joyería
Hair: Max Salon | carlos corrales
Make-Up Artist: Alejandro Ayon
Location: Viejo Santo Domingo y Mio mi Gato
Special Thanks: Café Las Flores & Mio Mi Gato


Resort 2014: Mary Katrantzou

Mary Katrantzou's first ever Resort 2014 collection. landscapes that travel the world and softer silhouettes - “exploring volume in a less extravagant, lighter, younger way.” 
no matter, what season it is, I will always love and appreciate Mary Katrantzou's breathtaking surreal, playful and explosive prints. 


Resort 2014: Emilio Pucci

"If it didn't look good with a flat shoe, it didn't go in the collection. And no checked-in baggage, either. It's got to fit into a carry-on, even evening dresses." - Peter Dundas

This may be the perfect Resort 2014 collection. Now that I'm heading to Miami for Independence weekend, these are the exact bold and beach ready looks I wanna go for. strong bright mosaic prints for day and night. edgy yet relaxed. all i'm missing is my mojito. see you soon Miami.


Model Behavior: Part Deux

here we go again.
español: aqui vamos de nuevo.

this weekend my staff n i have a model casting call to be the face of an event.
español: este finde, junto a mi staff tenemos un casting de modelos para ser el rostro de un evento.

why is it that these 'models' have to be so damn annoying. question after question.
español: pero no entiendo porque me preguntan tantas babosadas estas 'modelos". preguntas y mas preguntas.

i seriously don't understand all these questions?! the Casting Call AD is simple. here it is below in red. for personal reasons, i have deleted the name of the event and the name of the casting call.
español: no entiendo por que tantas preguntas?! el aviso del Casting es sencillo. aqui se los dejo en rojo. por razones personales, he eliminado el nombre del evento y casting. 

Fecha Tope: Sabado, 15 Junio 2013 para Portafolios/Comp Cards Modelos para (nombre de evento)
Fecha Casting ABIERTO: Sabado, 15 Junio 2013 para Modelos para (nombre de evento)

Información Casting (nombre de evento)
Fecha: Sabado, 15 Junio 2013
  • Llevar 1 Portafolio/Comp Card IMPRESO (seguir ejemplo)
  • Mujer y/o Hombre
  • Edad Minima: 16 años

mind you, i have edited some terrible grammar, translated the questions, edited "!!!" "????" and deleted smily faces.
español: bueno, he editado las preguntas porque habían muchas fallas ortograficas, muchas "!!!" "????" y caritas felices.

here are my top 20 questions from my last 10 emails.
español: aqui están mis top 20 preguntas de los últimos 10 emails.

1. ¿que es un comp card?
2. ¿cuantas fotos les envio?
3. ¿no tengo experiencia de pasarela, puedo participar?
4. ¿tengo 12 años puedo participar?
5. ¿tengo 36 años puedo participar?
6. ¿como presento mi comp card?
7. ¿cuando es el casting?
8. ¿Cómo sugiere usted que llegue vestida? ¿Y como tengo que ir vestida?
9. ¿con o sin maquillaje?
10. ¿puedo ir en flats? ¿Zapatos altos, bajos? ¿tengo que llevar sandalias altas?
11. ¿aparte de comp card que más tengo q llevar? impresas o en un disco? 
12. ¿para el dia del casting solamente eso llevaremos o que mas tendremos que hacer?
13. ¿que son de rostro, perfil? 
14. ¿cuantas fotos tengo que llevar? 
15. ¿cuando sera el casting para modelos y que si ese dia puedo llevar mis requisitos? 
16. ¿el diseño del comp card depende de mi portafolio o hay un diseño establecido no influye el tamaño?
17. El casting del sábado es solo para el (nombre del evento)?  o este casting aplica también para las modelos que quieren participar en la pasarela? o se van a elegir en otro casting?
18. Soy madre de una jovencita de 16 años y quiere participar en el casting pero aún no tiene cédula de identidad mi pregunta es, si ella puede participar con su partida de nacimiento que certifica su edad?
19. Quería saber si es necesario ser modelo profesional o antes haber estado en una academia?
20. ¿es necesario presentar más fotos en el casting o con el comp card es suficiente?

 in case, you missed it, read MODEL BEHAVIOR
en caso te lo perdistes, deberias leer MODEL BEHAVIOR

Contact: Me

why lifestyle? my past, current and future clients might be fashion designers and stores but i'm also fluent in beauty, hospitality, and art trends. my mission is to inspire refreshing new lifestyles to your everyday.


Fashion Week: Dominican Republic

fashion week DR was pretty fun CAUSE it was right on the beach (crystal clear water, beautiful white Caribbean sand - sigh) and at an all inclusive hotel. too bad we got super sick though. we only enjoyed a couple celebratory piña coladas before and after the show n hit the sack like at 11 pm because we were 3 hours away from the airport and we had to get up at 6am. we were basically in n out of DR n went to no after parties. according to our driver, the real party people were the models who ended up in the pool. no thanks. 

3 days, 2 nights.

it was one of the most stress free shows we've ever worked on. peasy easy. all the models and additional designers were running around the backstage like crazy chickens, while we took our time and dressed the models. 

PROPS to the hair and makeup team. so far, the best hair and makeup team we have worked with. everything was absolutely flawless.

in 2013, we have so far conquered Macro Fest (Panama) and Fashion Week (DR) and we have more to come...ohhhh yeahhhh!

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