Behind the Scenes: Poko Pano

people ask me "what do you do?!"

well, a month ago, i was that PR girl contacting other pr girls who's client was showing at MBFW Miami Swim. once i got an in, i made sure my company was producing hair and/or makeup for the models. i basically get together with my events, hair and makeup team and tell them, "look i got a few designer shows, x amount of models, good press, and here are the looks the designers want - make it happen!" and well ...they did! our first show was Brazilian label, Poko Pano and my team was in charge of the makeup, which was #flawless

yep, pretty easy - pretty fun. probably the easiest fashion week i've ever worked. i sat back and relaxed. my biggest mistake was wearing heels and silk culottes. i parked really far and was carrying my purse, camera, gift bags and a banner :/

(that is a day in the life of a beauty pr girl)

props to my hair & makeup team who made it happen!


Event Style: Poko Pano guests

on the right, Carol, http://carolosiphy.blogspot.com/


Event Style: Splashion - Miami Magazine

Orange dress part I

Orange dress part II

Neck / Body Chain Statement piece

Mint Green dress Part I

Mint Green dress Part II
you can never go wring with a "Carrie" tutu skirt

gingham dress. crop top & emerald green bondage skirt. and palm tree print dress. 3 fab friends.
show off those Miami curves! tropical colors and printed separates. it looked good because everything was skin tight and bared her midriff but she kept it classy with the skirt's length and long sleeves.


True Life: Miami PR Girl

don't even look at the date of my last post. i know it's been crazy. i moved to miami mid-january and it's already july (ahem) #MBFWSwim Week 2014 to be exact. so i will take a little lunch break and write a little update post on my PR life to talk to you my interview process and a little about what i am doing now.

back in january i noticed some pretty good job opportunities on linkedin and mediabistro. however, unlike NY, Miami would offer 2 new job opportunities per week compared to NY's 20-40 per week. i also noticed none of these fashion/lifestyle pr agencies post their job opportunities on these sites but on their facebook fan pages. in that case, i called them all to ask for the right HR contact to send my resume to and emailed them all immediately. thanks to NY, my internships and freelance clients - my resume is not too shabby and within my 1st week of being in miami, i had 8 interviews lined up.

long story short, i was able to secure freelance work with 2 pr agencies and my previously NY agency allowed me to work with them remotely for a few weeks. all was working out perfectly meanwhile i interviewed for the 'perfect full-time' job.

so what happened? after numerous interviews i was turned down for 'too much fashion' or because they were a 45-1 hour commute and wanted someone closer to the office.

right before my current job. i gave a random pr firm a chance. it worked out for 1 day. the owner, offered me the job on the spot and they were only my 3rd interview. and i declined. a month later, i was still looking and she called back again with the offer. since i hadn't found the 'perfect full-time' opportunity, i decided to give them a chance. why was i so hesitant? 1. it was only my 3rd interview 2. i found a rip-off report 3. a couple contacts told me not to work for them. 4. my gut kept saying NO! (you have to follow that gut feeling!) that one day, i 'worked' was a complete shit storm. whoa! never ever did i experience such terrible vibes, presentation, ambiance and much more. and i don't need that in my life and for my pr rep. before i left that day, i asked the team if it was like that everyday and they just looked away...it was very sad. i'll spare the details and would just like to say: no good pr person should work there. i wouldn't even recommend this agency to my worst enemy.

thank God, the day before this, I went on an interview with a beauty school. after 4 interviews, i've been chilling as their new pr, social media and events coordinator. i'm happy, work with an amazing events team, great schedule and fun events.

now i must go...my hair & makeup team and i will be killing #MBFWSwim and tonight is our first event with Miami Magazine .... yeppp, not too shabby.

Good Luck to all the Miami PR girls in the making!

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