Personal Style: Masculin Feminin

I was just about to type in - never have I ever posted a personal style post or picture but in fact I have! My very first post for this blog was about Interview looks and I post 3 different looks by my friends and I when we were on our way to a Pucci interview in Florence. Its been a year since then!! I don't post personal style pics up for many reasons, one being I am not sponsored by any designer or store therefore I have a very limited closet and prefer not to bore you or myself with my same jeans, black tops, and sandals. I believe I am a pretty simple girl when it comes to dressing - I may have an eye for fashion but I a not a stylist. However, last night when I was headed to my weekly sangria night with the besties, I wanted to try something new - alas Masculin Feminin! I got a few stares when walking into the heavily packed Galerias restaurant area but I felt gooood! oh yeahhhhhh! I think I pulled it off all by myself - (well not all by myself) the pictures below definitely inspired my look. Oh! I was also finally able to do a fishtail!! yeyyyy! Even though I have blogged and posted a video about fishtails I was never able to do it right!! But now I got the hang of it :)

I hope these pictures may inspire someone too :)

Shoes: Stella McCartney
Vest & Belt: H&M
Blouse: my mom's Ralph Lauren
Pants: Express
Purse: from the Florentine market
Tie: my dad's vintage Bill Blass

Inspiring street style pictures - via STREETFSN
Olivia Palermo picture via Metrochica



Wish List: Fall 2011

like my fall wish list? here's where you can find them online:

Items from Intermix:
Brett Colorblock Tuxedo Blouse by Equipment
Abstract Plaid Wrap Dress by Thakoon
Grosvenor Jacket by rag & bone

Items from Net-a-Porter:

Flowers gold-plated agate necklace by ASSAD MOUNSER

Lace-up leather pumps by MARC JACOBS
Color-block suede ankle boots by PIERRE HARDY
Sequined clutch by MIU MIU



What to Wear When: Traveling

Two very good friends of mine are headed to Madrid to get their Masters and I wish them only the best of luck and safest of travels while in Europe. So besides all the apartment and winter wear advice I've already them with - here's another tip - it's going to be a very long ride there. I don't even want to think about it. I traveled on AA for over 23 hours including layovers (but not including my Nicaragua-Miami flight) because the flight was so cheap to Florence. I think I was wearing black leggings, a simple white tank, pink scarf, ballerina flats, and houndstooth cape - oh! and sunglasses of course (because 23 hours you tend to look like shit)! - I seriously don't know how Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and Victoria Beckham do it?? I'm sure they fly commercial sometimessssss. 

Anyways, I remember when flying was a big deal and we would all get a little dressed up. I'm not a big fan of people wearing UGGS or baggy ass Victoria Secret pajama pants already but seeing them look like that while flying too!? Come onnnn!! Can you try a little? Atleast in Europe you're already going to look or sound like a tourist but do you really gotta dress like that? For example, please watch the 1st episode of the Jersey Shore goes to Italy - that's embarrassing! They are embarrassing already - yes, i know - but I'm talking about the traveling look.

So I put a few pieces up from Forever 21 - super cheap and most importantly comfortable. Sunglasses to hide the bags, slip on sneakers, boyfriend capris pants, graphic tee, and casual printed leaf dress with a 4-inch sleeve.

My airport style usually includes: converse sneaks, black leggings, black and/or white top, colorful scarf, Jackie-O sunglasses and a HUGE bag in case my luggage is overweight LOL.        


Street Style: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Hailing from LA - Missioni inspired trousers, the colors were amazing! I haven't had a street style picture up in months - in Nicaragua not a lot of people are use to posing but this Cali girl had no  problem - thank you!


Trending: Pink & Red

Another color combination going strong into the Fall is Pink & Red - by far one of my favorite 2011 color blocking combinations. Here we see SJP wearing Prabal Gurung Fall 2011 with white shoes - a different yet stylish statement by the bold New Yorker. On the runway, this look was seen with a sashed black belt and black pumps. What do you think of the whole look?  

Trending: Orange

Gywn loves her orange looks...remember when she wore an orange dress by Calvin Klein back in February? Mrs. Paltrow is seen wearing an orange draped Lanvin Resort 2012 jersey dress accessorized by a  mini clutch by Coach at an event celebrating the opening of Coach's first flagship store on Bond Street in London.  


How To Dress: Midi Skirts

Dries Van Noten - Fall 2011

Marc by Marc Jacobs - Fall 2011

Chloe - Fall 2011

I love this fall trend because my mom and sister have a ton of midi skirts circa early 90s - thank goodness I've always decided to keep them in storage and not sell them at my yearly $1 yard sales. But how do you dress linear midi skirts without looking too out dated or like your headed to a corporate meeting? Add a little snakeskin to the look (another fall trend) whether it be pumps or a long buttoned down top. Also tuck it in! - midis aren't only for tall girls, as long as you are wearing great heels and keep the shirt inside, you won't appear shorter but longer! The great thing about midis is that they accentuate the hips and booty - I think its great, it's my best asset ;) Be bold and don't be afraid to mix it up - its been trending for a while snake/stripes, elephant print/stripes, prints/mod inspired midi. The midi isn't a part of the dull 2 piece office look anymore - so what are you waiting for?

Carine Roitfeld, EIC of French Vogue (left)
Emma Roberts (center)
Katy Perry (right)

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