Didn't I tell you I was gonna bring the DRAMA!

As you noticed, my blog has been privatized. Why?! Well apparently some girls from my program had a problem with it and told my dean about it. Apparently I hurt their feelings with the "Too Many Chicks" post. I don't know what all the fuss is about. I have one side of classmates loving it, 1 "friend" telling me to watch my back because girls are mean and is afraid I will be the group loner who hangs out with the Asians, another telling me I crossed the line with that post, and 2 others "offended". 
Honestly - WHATEVER! What happened to free speech? and what are they gonna do when they get a job, and someone criticizes them? Are they going to cry and complain to their boss like they do every single day in class because someone pointed out their flaws and had a little laugh or because they have "too much" homework to do - COME ON! Have a little laugh and chill the f*ck down. Lighten Up! and Grow Up! - Sorry I'm upset, that I HAD to privatize my blog. My dean also suggested it or told me not to write about them. But sorry, I have a blog to write - to write about what I want, when I want! To tell everyone how people elsewhere behave and what I am going through here.

p/s/ My dad also told me to calm down with the writing, he's like "it's not a diary!" LOL - i know it isn't, i just don't want to repeat my Italian stories 20 times to my friends n family. Aqui ya tienen todo de un solo and you can read if you want, when you want.

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