Style Stalker : The Promoter

i met him on the dancefloor about 8 years ago wearing a light pink headband, striped grey, white, and pink shirt, and dark denim urban fitted jeans EXACTLY - i can tell you this because i have 2 shots from 2night.com Nicaragua flashing pics of our remarkable moves that set off a riot at the club. i had no idea who he was but i can tell you his unique sense of style definitely caught my eye and since then he's never ceased to amaze me. meet my friend Christian and get to know his fashionista side.

Describe your style:
I think my style could best be described as urban-chic. I had some trouble coming up with a term that could describe my style, seeing as my style is a combination of urban flair such as high top sneakers, fitted dark denim jeans and a touch of prep/trend/chic because i always try to accessorize a regular shirt with either a skinny tie, sweater, or scarf.
Who's your celebrity style doppelganger?
I would have to say Kanye West, Pharrel Williams, and Justin Timberlake.

What do you think about fashion in Nicaragua?

I personally have always had an issue with fashion in Nicaragua, because of the fact that i believe they are very few people that have "style". By style i mean the courage and personality to dress how they like, instead of dressing how you are "suppose" to dress.

For guys you can almost have a Nica guy uniform, it would basically be comprised of A&F jeans, Express button down (tucked in of course), Puma/firestone sneakers, or Ferragamo leather moccasin loafers. For women, i feel as if they are starting to venture away from the jeans for all occasions and at all time fad.

What labels, brands or designers do you usually go for?

In regards to brands, i like Zara, Kid Robot, BAPE, Rock N Republic.

What does the word fashion mean to you?

Fashion for me has always been the language or expression of someones personality, u dress how you feel. There is no right or wrong when it comes to fashion.

Fashion can sometimes be a funny thing, to quote
Oscar Wilde "Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to change it every 6 months."

Is there something in particular that influences your style?

I think Music has a huge influence in my style.

How important is your sense of style at work?

I think it plays an important role, i once heard that you should dress for the position you want, not the position you have. For example if you want to be a CEO, dress the part always look good, and clean.

What are the biggest 'fashion faux pas' you just always find yourself "SMH"?

I cant stand when people buy clothes just because its "in" or "trendy" without taking into account if they can pull off that look, or even fit in the clothes. Nothing beats feeling comfortable in what u are wearing.

Download his recent downloadable mix COS I CAN ----> COS I CAN


Designer & Event of the Month

Revista SER
December 2012 cover

La Prensa Nicaragua - Suplemento DOMINGO
December 2012 cover 

of course designer of the month is Shantall Lacayo - I work with her!

but if i didn't work for her, she would still be event of the month because she is debuting her SS12 collection named COATL, tomorrow in Granada, Nicaragua, and it's going to be spectacular! 

no one else can do it like her
like my friend, @JM0R says DAS IT! ;)
and ima add a lil #swag

Accessory of the Day

my increasing obsession with skulls and skeletons just skyrocketed when I found this on Pope's blog Bablylon Lab - Skeleton-Hand-Bracelet by Delfina Delettrez , (a fourth generation Fendi) Italian accessories designer.


Shock Media

What I Wore : Shantall Lacayo Press Conference

on my trip to Buenos Aires, i had the pleasure of meeting Eduardo De Crisci, recognized Argentine designer who's excelled through the SAGA Design Centre in Copenhagen, Dinamarca, won Style Wars which is organized by House of Diehl, presented during New York Fashion Week, and lucked out fourth place on Project Runway Latin America with Shantall Lacayo. all of this and much more at the tender age of 25! 

Shantall and Edu held a showroom event for a day at buenos aires, where i snagged this quaint sheer 'dress / top' - i can pin the front or simply carry a maxi. therefore, for my 1st press conference for Shantall's SS12 Coatl runway show i chose to pin it, show some legs, and pop it with these red booties. 

i had no idea what to wear but i know what i wanted to make a statement 
- thank u Edu! ;)

for more on Edu De Crisci - find him on twitter and facebook!
Twitter: @edudecrisci


Quote: Marilyn Monroe

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” – Marilyn Monroe

Street Style : MENS Edition

Jenke-Ahmed Tailly
Fashion Editor, Stylist, 
and Beyonce's Creative Director on the album, 4

 Mboko Ndimba Mobutu
Fashion Editor / Stylist, Ghubar Magazine

Simone Marchetti
 Merchandising at Global Headquarters presso Ermenegildo Zegna 
Deputy Editor of D della Repubblica 
Since September 2009, He is part of the international PR company Karla Otto (Milan headquarter)
[ working at Karla Otto is my dream! ]

Nickelson Wooster
Men's Fashion Director at Bergdorf Goodman

all photos via STREETSFSN

Street Style : Buenos Aires, Argentina

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