Alexie (Taiwan) cooking up a storm!

Setting up the table. Megha (Canada) on computer. Riya (India) left side. Jeanne (Indonesia) center. Monday (China) right side.

Ruth (Hong Kong) trying the soup.

Water Boiled Beef dish (very hot!)

Don't forget the SOY sauce!

Heading out to Twice for a little dance after a big meal

For the past 2 weekends and weekday nights I have been completely bored! My friends in the program do not go out! Son unas mega-aburridas. Now I know I am here to learn but I am just so use to having sangria nights, happy hour, movie nights, mexican nights and my friday nights. I am a party-girl and I miss it! :( Their excuses are: I'm tired. What it's Wednesday!?. I'm really sleepy. I miss my boyfriend and I am going to skype with him all night. BO-RING! Seriously!? Ni la tal panameña sale lo suficiente, which I thought was going to be my party buddy. Actually, last last weekend, I told her to go out and she said no to me, but she ended up going out with another girl and got her purse stolen, pero eso es porque she is a mess and leaves her beautiful FENDI purse lying anywhere and doesn't watch it. Anyways, ayyyy quiero un trago! quiero bacanal! Porque son tan palmada esta gente?! - My parents think its good, I'm not partying, porque sin guaro me voy a poner flaca, talvez tengan razon pero me pican los pies por salir! - This past weekend, was basically home, sleep, walk the city and stores (no shopping though) and a chinese dinner. My Asian classmates made a big authentic Chinese dinner which was delish! Super spicy y mucho arroz (which I also miss). However, after the dinner, 4 of us did go out to dance for a bit but by 1am they were all yawning and not even drinking (tampoco me voy a poner bola sola!) By 1:30am I was in my cozy apartment. - Ayy I miss my nights out!

BTW here are some pics from a Mexican night at my place with Alexie & Megha.

Getting the fajitas ready


READY! MEXICAN night is served! Me quedo di-vi-no!

HUG the cook!

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