Shantall Lacayo, Nicaraguan Designer

A strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything: a passion for music
Any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling: as love or hate

When I'm asked what I'm passionate about I say "fashion and hotels" and when people ask me why I'm so passionate (overall) it's because I am Nicaraguan (strong latin blood)! 

Fashion is a fast paced world that you can either love or hate. A relationship with a latina(o) can lead to a lustful and beautiful life together or a life of tracking your lover's each step till you know the why, what, when, how, and where and still having the energy to have sex all night and do all over again tomorrow. THAT IS PASSION! 

Therefore, when it comes to extravagant, sensuality, and passion (of course) - only one Nicaraguan designer comes to mind and that is Shantall Lacayo. She is 26 years old and now owns and directs an atelier by her own name, specialized in women's wear design (haute couture, prêt-á-porter, evening and casual wear) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I think I started talking to her when I was about 16 years old. She designed the costumes for all the different genres and ages of our dance school. After that, I'd just catch her at fashion shows, her fashion shows, fittings, and during our college pageant (where she won) - and I can tell you since I've known this woman, she is passionate and detailed for every single piece she designs. She has a strong voice, presence, personality, style, and charisma. She is passionate - passionate for designing! But not only is she passionate, she is DAMN GOOD at what she does! She is my one and only favorite Nicaraguan designer!
Now, why I am writing about her? Well because she's on PROJECT RUNWAY LATINOAMERICA on FTV, every Monday, and has just won the 1st challenge! So please stayed tune! She will be the next BIG thing! (btw if you don't have FTV like I do - find it on YOUTUBE.COM)
Follow her blog: http://shantalllacayo.blogspot.com/
Follow her on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ShantallLacayo
A few articles on her:
Fashion Show: You can see a few pictures from her last fashion show in Nicaragua, dated December 2009 on my personal blog: http://beatriceitaliana.blogspot.com/2009/12/art-fashion.html


Current Location: NYC

It's been a lil over a week since I arrived. What have I done? 1. Look for an apartment or a room to sublet 2. Started my internship just yesterday! However, 90% of my time has been dedicated to finding a place. I've looked everywhere! Upper East side, Lower East side, Chelsea, Brooklyn, Chinatown, Midtown, ... with and without a no-fee realtor. I've seriously busted my ass looking for a place. I'm stressing, I've had my breakdowns - but at the end I try to calm down - I can't jump and risk another tragic incident like I did in Florence (don't remember what happened to me? I insist you read about my experience in my February 2010 posts.) I think I've seen about 15 apartments which now make me appreciate the apartment I left behind! I had a great view, furniture, appliances, accessories, and it was my own studio - all for a very very good price. But now...all the apartments or rooms I've seen are just plain shitty and tiny! How can they call that an apartment??? I saw the smallest room yesterday! It was the size of my bathroom back home for $950! WTF! I'm going to start to rent my bathroom! It's insane! - but I gotta calm down. I'm staying with some family so there really isn't a hurry. "Le sigh" ... i want my apartment in Florence, i want my room in Nicaragua, i want space! i want a closet! and decent bathroom! I DON'T CARE IF ITS WALK-UP - I just want a decent place ... final sigh.

Anyways ... no more debbie downer... SOOOO work is goooooood! Basically yesterday and today I've been researching swim wear. ANDDDD that's all you get to hear - privacy issues ;) (i shoulda signed something like this for polimoda and the girls to avoid any problems LOL) however if you need PR - look my company up, www.shoutosocial.com ;)

My first few days, I did enjoy walking through NYC... I photographed a few fashionistas leaving Lincoln Center for Fashion Week, went to Bergdorfs for Fashion Night Out and saw Jason Wu, Tom Ford, SJP, Kelly Rutherford, and Mary J Blige, attended my first PR event for SS (which I will blog about on http://beatricecatchesfashion.blogspot.com/) and met up with my friend, Maria :)

So I'm fine. Don't worry about me. However, if you can hook me up with an apartment in NYC let me know ASAP!

p.s. I LOVE NYC!


Standing Outside Alexander Berardi Show

WELCOME to NY Fashion Week!

Sunset at Ibiza

DROP Dead Sexy Blue

I tried to get the perfect shot. Yeah Yeah Yeah, I usually ask people but right before Ibiza, I was in Madrid and I got A LOT of NOs! Therefore, my self-esteem was a little low. This girl wasn't beachy looking but her attitude and style was strong! Simple but the accessories and attitude stood out! Leopard skinny belt, bright red twisted headband, and sexy backless top.

IBIZA Rocks!

How to end a family summer tour around Europe before heading back to Florence to pack all my bags and start a new life and internship in NYC? .... GO TO IBIZA!

Yep! That's what I did! I didn't think I was going to be shooting there...but I forgot how fabulous girls look when going for a great beach look. It's actually my favorite! Being from tropical cities, I love short dresses, maxi dresses, shorts, and high heels ;) By far, the best and unexpected city for fashion!

Add a little RAWRRRR!

GOLD Accessories accented by the SUNSET


Milanese in Berlin

Where are you from? - Milan
No wonder you all look so gooood.
I almossst got a no to shoot them but then I said I was living in Florence.
Then he wanted to take a pic of me while I was shooting them.
Thanks...I guess.

London, UK

Being in Europe, You can see that Florence has the men, Milan has the models, Berlin has the laid back style, Paris hardly has any fashion ( seriously, the ONE woman I thought was worth a picture could not be photographed because I was on the bus - dammit! Plus I'm just disappointed by Paris, I don't even want to get into it ), Madrid & Barcelona have mixed brights .... but London has it ALL! I only have 3 photos ... 2 tourists and 1 Brit .. but I saw a lot of great looking people (men & women)! They house great stores ... so there is no wonder why people look so damn good!


The girls. First picture, I love her striped blazer and gray bow pants...the bow got me! The second girl, I just like her bag! I've been on the search for the perfect bucket bag (since I can't afford Alexander Wang and my bright purple from Las Pepas broke) ... I like hers cause its reminds me of mine - it's SHINY

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