I think he wanted to kill me

After class today, I was walking home along the bridge as I normally do and a guy on a bike stopped to ask me if I knew where some bar was at (mind you its 3pm). Then he asks "Can I introduce myself to you?", I was about to say no till I remembered a conversation I had with a friend last night about not dating, guys and how I haven't been on a date in over 2 years. The guy was decent not really up to my standards (ugly bike and wearing all black) but I decided to give a chance to talk. He tells me his name and asks if I would like to have a drink with him at downtown - why not? I said. He locks his bike and tells me we are going to Piazza Michelangolo in his car. - WHAT! No No No - First of all, the piazza is a long walk away! It's really close to my house but it's an upwards hill and a lot of stairs and then when he says car; as soon as he locked his bike onto a pole, his car was right there! WTF!? Does he just pick up girls on the bridge trail I was on on his bike? - So I said NO to going to the piazza or getting into his car. I said "let's just go to a nearby cafe and sit" - Ok he says - as we are walking and crossing the roads, he is trying to hold my hand and hug me as we are walking! WTF dude! I don't even know you! (and I don't even like to hold hands) - so we are basically on the other side of the bridge and he tells me, we can go sit not under the bridge but down by the bridge (RED FUCKIN LIGHT!) - hell to the NO! All I thought was "The Lovely Bones" and being the typical missing foreign student. Right then and there, I was trying to get out with an excuse that I had to meet some friends. He gave me his number and he has mine (because he dialed it on my phone). I told him I had Thursday off and that it would be better to meet that day, he said he understood. AND as we are saying goodbye the italian way (2 kisses on each cheek) as he kisses one cheek, he TRIED TO KISS ME! WTFFFFFFFFFFFF! OMGGGGGG! Is he crazy! was he trying to kill me? First he said a drink, then he wants me in his car, and then he wants to sit down by the river?! NOOOO! omg I was so scared! However, I got out alive! pfey!


PISA for the day

This past Saturday, I went to Pisa for the day. Alone. I had fun on my own. I had no one bugging me that they were hungry, anyone holding me back or pushing me to do something I didn't want to, or waiting for me. I went on the train I wanted to go own, I sat where I wanted, I listened to my ipod on the way there, I got a little lost looking for the tower and basically did my own thing. I enjoyed every moment of it. 

When I arrived to the Miracoli Piazza, which is where the Duomo, Baptistery, Leaning Tower, museums, and Cemetery are at - I was pretty amazed. I couldn't believe it. You see these buildings on the Discovery Channel and once you are there, its surreal. I couldn't stop smiling - I was happy. Once I walked around and soaked it all in, I was laughing my head off watching EVERYONE pose near the tower. They were all saying "move to the left, so it seems like you're holding it!" lmaooo hilarious! - I didn't do it. I kinda wanted to but after watching the crowds do it, it just didn't feel special; so I guess I was a bore and took a normal sit down pic taken by a random Japanese guy :)

You can climb the Leaning Tower for 15 euros, but I didn't! too pricey! I paid 10 euros and got access to 5 places (duomo, baptistery, 2 museums, and cemetery). You can basically see "Pisa" - the piazza I was at in 2 hours but I took my time and tried to read as much as I could. However, after reading too much small font at the museums I was pretty much done and looked for some pizza and wine lunch.


Is it weird?

Is it weird that for the past 2 nights (and tonight) I have been sleeping on my sofa, purposely! I don't have a roommate, so no I haven't been kicked out of my room/loft. I come home and sit on it all day and night long. I also eat on it - I think I've used my table 5 times not including the times I have friends over and we drink on my table NOT my sofa jejeje. I have even slept better on it! The bad thing about sleeping on my sofa is getting direct sunlight in the morning and when I sleep in my bed upstairs no se siente la hora del dia. I wonder why I like sleeping here, it's kinda odd because I like big beds!

Is it also weird that I'm bored of my own cooking LOL Esque I also cook the same thing. I try to eat right on weekdays, so I usually eat chicken or meat. I don't buy rice (I haven't had rice since moving here actually - I've tried risotto but it's disgusting) and I don't buy pasta since I moved to my own apartment. I'll eat pasta or pizza on weekends only. So yeah - nose que hacerme de cenar anymore - I feel like Raymond on Everyone Loves Raymond, that his wife would make him Lemon Chicken all the time! El pobre estaba super aburrido de comer eso desde que se conocieron LOL and she thought it was his favorite meal. My meals aren't as dull but they are starting to feel like it. I usually just do a basic salad, pollo a la plancha or chicken/meat fajitas. Today I tried pollo con verduras/papa - NOT at all how my mom makes it! I use wayyy toooo much pepper jjajajja I love pepper! I need to start reading recipes I guess; but I just like to keep it simple. When I lived with Anne, I loved making huge dinners for us - pero sola, no me inspiro, creo que eso es el problema. Even when Elvira is over, I go all out. I guess I like to show off LOL

Have any of you lived alone or been alone at home for a weekend? Isn't it weird to be silent of hours, I feel like a monk. For example today, class ended at 5pm, I walked home, been home, and it is now 11pm. 6 HOURS! Sin hablar! Man, I need company! pero no quiero roommate, maybe I can get an escort roommate LOL para cocinarle y hablarle para un par de horas and byebye. LMAO I think that would be great, not a bad idea.

BTW don't worry I'll keep writing about Spring Break soon. My stories are just too long :P XoXo


Booze Cruise a lo Pink Palace

The booze cruise was the craziest hotel activity I have ever done! This is where I experienced Spring Break a lo gringo. Before I tell you about it - let me give you some logistics jajajaja - Only 60 people are allowed, therefore you must register and pay for it, only the day of the trip. The trip was 25 euros and NO booze is included (you would have thought it would considering its spring break and it's called "booze" cruise). My roommates and I went to reception at 7 30am because they told us it fills up fast. Atleast I had had some sleep but there were people there from 7am already! No te digo esta gente no esta jugando and is ready to party!

After registering we had some breakfast and waited along the coast to get ready to hop on the boat. Getting on was terrible! It was 10am and we had to get in the freezing water, walk towards to boat with my bag while the small waves hit my chest and climb the stairs on the side of the boat!!!

15 minutes within the boat ride: a girl is walking around topless, everyone gets free beer and has to do a shotgun, the captain is walking around in a speedo and grabbing 3 asses in the pilot area, the 1st song on is "I'm on a Boat", and the topless girl is already laying on the bar having whip cream licked off her nipples by both bartenders. WOOOHOOOO! Here we go! Spring Break 2010 Greece!

The 1st place we hit was a 50-60 ft. rock where about 10 of us cliff jumped. As soon as we arrived, the boat crew told us "If you cliff jump completely naked you receive 5 free beers; if you cliff jump topless you receive 2 beers". I was just going to jump. Climbing that rock was scary, I don't think anyone got through it without a cut. All I thought was "don't slip! hold on tight!" but I made it to the top - once I got there, I was like "wtf am I doing!? estoy loca! me va matar mi papa!" After the 3rd person jumped, a girl stepped up but couldn't manage to jump, she was freaking out! Everyone was so scared for her. Ademas de eso, le metio miedo porque la muchacha antes que ella had a bad fall. We were instructed to jump straight into the water, arms/hands on the side, and keep our eyes open as we jumped. However, the girl before, somehow managed to land sidewise (the next day, she had a bruise run along her whole left leg!) This also freaked me out! You heard everyone go " oooooooooooooooooooooo! "- Since this girl would not jump, I decided to go for it! and go for it topless! I thought "I'm in Greece, none of these f*ckers know me, boobs are boobs, I gotta be a little crazy on spring break" - So I did it! and I can't remember it. It happened so fast. I just remember being in the water, my ass hit the water really f*ckin hard (I think I freaked out when I was about to the water and put my knees up), waiting for someone to throw my sandals and top from the rock while I was in pain and hardly being able to swim. While I was swimming away from the landing area, the guy that proceeded me did it completely naked! LOL He was actually kinda cute - but I'll you what happened with him later.


The Pink Palace

I left Florence at 9am (friday) and arrived to my final destination The Pink Palace at Corfu Island, Greece at about 11am (saturday). Well it was a bargain student package and comfort was not included.

As soon as we arrived, the hostel lived up to its name. It was extremely pink! The hostel, rooms, walls, stairs, drinks, club, togas, bars, shirts, boat, and posters were all PINK! Victoria Secret would be jealous! The Pink Panther would get drunk there! Barbie would summer there! and I think I still see pink!

My roommates (Liz & Michelle) and I had a great view but a long walk to the hostel club and beach area. When I say long, I mean lots of stairs and hills to get there. Picture walking from Pelican Eyes to the beach or the highest point at La Pepesca (the Marlin) to the beach, f*ckin cansado la caminata! However, we did have a view.

The hostel had a 24 hour bar, beach bar and restaurant, "club" (que parecia el hall del El Queztal para los 15 años), and breakfast and dinner was included.

At the 24 hour bar, habian 2 bartenders. Un viejo asquerosooo morbosoooo, eso tipo de viejos gringos that moves to exotic locations to be able to sleep or sexual harass drunken spring break girls and the girls think its all fun and games and like having their asses and tits grabbed by a 54 year old that learned "Single Ladies" dance moves to grin his "single friend" all up on them. GRO-SS! Believe me, I stood far from him, ademas that he was an asshole when I corrected and suggested how to better his bartending "skills". Example: I asked him for a piña colada y me lo da con hielo?! WTF!? Piña coladas are supposed to be frozen! If you don't have the machine, please don't bother to offer it! The other bartender was a guy from New Zealand who would play "Destination Unknown", probably 15 times a day! I couldn't stop staring at his teeth - igualito a los de Austin Powers! F*ckin grossssss! Ademas de su teeth, he had that dirty surfer look. I love surfers, they are all hot but there are limits! I will not hook up with you, if you live in a tent on the beach, only shower in the sea and dreadlocks are starting to show - hell no! Pero como hay bartenders sucios tambien hay mujeres sucias. There was a chick in the group que se moriaaaa por agarrar con el and she did! (throwing up now).

Anyways, on my 1st afternoon there, we went straight to the beach to tan. Everyone was laying out, drinking, and peeing in the freezing sea. LMAO. I also tried the Greek beer called Alfa, it tastes just like Toña! That night, there was a huge dinner for all the +500 guests at the hostel. I thought the food was going to suck but all my dinners were finger lickin goood! La unica cosa, era el wait, everyone had to be seated and the 3 course meal was individually served by 5 "waiters". "Waiters" porque the hostel staff played multiple roles (bartenders, receptionist, activity hosts, beach restaurant cooks).

That night, I was exhausted went to bed at midnight, aren't I a good girl? ;) 

Did she just fart?

Before spring break started, I forgot to post an embarrassing story. NOT ABOUT ME of course! I was in marketing class and we were all listening to a presentation, but one of the girls always falls sleep in class y pues I guess que la mae se sintio tan relajada que se tiro tremendo pedooooo! OMG todas las chicks cagada de la risa. I felt embarrassed for her. She just kept her head down and turned red. I think farts are gross, private, and embarrassing. yeah yeah yeah everyone tells me its natural and my boyfriend will pop them 24/7 - regardless farts are a private matter that shouldn't be heard, punto. 


I've never ever ....

I can now say I have:
  • Cliff jumped from a 60 feet rock into the Mediterranean Sea and topless ;)
  • Witnessed 5+ couples independently engaging in hot tub sex when the hotel club closed at 2am (sadly my roommate was one of them)
  • Witnessed guys and girls give each other oral sex and they called it "body shots" (since when they did they add the whip cream on the penis or vagina?)
  • Been to a top 10 European club to see David Guetta
  • Met Marco's lesbian soulmate (without the flirting). She was my roommate and she was so down to earth! What a great person she is! I wish I coulda met her since I've been here but she's leaving in 3 weeks.
  • Had a plate smashed on my head and danced to some Greek music (Grace en verdad duele! Sorry for smashing the glass cup on your head back in Senior year!)
  • Tried some Ouzo; Greek version of Sambuca ;)
  • Seen one of the Wonders of the World - the Acropolis (well it was said to be, I just googled 7 wonders of the world and it seems like they are every changing but the Acropolis and Athens history was definitely an experience!)
  • Been to a Toga party (a pink one to be exact)
  • Behaved and drank just enough (I guess it's the age)
Thank you Greece for the experience of a life-time!

Patience is a Virtue

I'm back yooooooo! Finally! Been out spring breaking a lo gringo! well not entirely - I behaved. Ok, so I am going to start to tell you about the logistics because they are a big part of my trip!

First of all, I went to Corfu Island and Athens, Greece for 8 days ;) with foreign american students that study here in Florence.
When I arrived to the meeting point at the train station, I immediately saw 4 girls and began the bonding, however, they weren't to into it. When everyone else arrived, to my surprise they were ALL from the same program in Florence - I was the ONLY new girl! - FUCK! this was going to be hard! All this kids were from different universities in the US but go to the same program in Florence and have been friends for the past 3 months. Ademas de eso, while waiting to board our bus, I was listening and watching them. They all sounded like the typical stupid drunk gringo. We were just starting to board and they were all talking about how they were going to get shitfaced and how they bought 3 bottles of vodka and some cheap tequila. DAMN! I came unprepared! jajajaja

Bueno, we head to the bus, and I keep trying to meet the girls around me by making the same question and introduction "Where do you guys studying?" and "O-M-G I think I'm the new older chick on the bus" - sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. But after 20 minutes, a girl sitting in front of me, heard me and started asking me the regular "what are you doing in Florence" questions. I DID IT! I MADE A FRIEND! jajajajja Her name is Michelle from Lynn university, from the Virgin Islands, and half Cuban. She was cool and introduced me to everyone else :D

Ok, so logistics real quick! Bus ride from Florence to Ancona (Italian port) 4 hours! We boarded a ferry/cruise ship at 12pm, and I think it started moving at 2pm, and we arrived the next day on a Greek port at 7am! (I'm not done!) - then we had to catch another ferry at 10am and finally arrive to Corfu Island at 11:30am andddd finally take the Pink Palace bus for 30 minutes to get to the hotel. FUCK! tell me you don't need patience for this! (picture of me lookin like shit after 20 hours of traveling but still needing to catch the 2nd ferry)
The ferry/cruise ship accommodations were a surprise! Since it was a long overnight ride, you would think I'd have a cabin with 3 other girls. WRONG! not included! you would also think beverages and food were included. WRONG! not included! - Like I said, I was completely unprepared but prepared to being cheap and adventurous, because I preferred to not bring my credit cards and only bring 250 euros. So guess where and how I slept? Well this "cruise ship" was NOT a Carnaval cruise line! This boat had 2 large room areas with rows of seats like on an airplane and with some extra space all around, where people who have taken this cruise ship before, brought their mats, sleeping bags, and airbeds to lay out. Thank God I brought my sabana and AA extra small pillow! - Whatever, I went for it and stuck to sleeping on the seats which wasn't too bad ;) - I also had the option to get a room with 3 other girls for 20-27 euros but again, like I said, I needed cash for partying and souvenirs and not a stuffy cabin.

Alrite, so on this cruise ship nothing was included and I had an extra sandwich from the rest stop and soda crackers in my bag - VOILA! dinner! as for drinks, well I always carry my bottle of water and I found one large unopened one when we were leaving the cruise ship - Sharing is Caring! ;)

On this long cruise ship what were we to do? I told you the gringos came prepared. It was 12pm and the boat hadn't opened but they all opened their Jim Bean, ghetto ass vodka, tequilas poured it into their water bottles and mixed it with sprite or pineapple juice! This kids were not playing. I gotta say right now, something I don't wanna say - but these modafuckin gringos are NOT playing! They can fuckin drink! I'm pretty sure they kept drinking till 3am. There was also this one special chick, who was ALWAYS carrying her personal beer funnel - solo asi la veia, hasta el culo con su funnel and offering it to everyone else - btw she was a fuckin hot mess, girl had a bangin body - no lie.

Don't think I didnt drink, con mi amigita Michelle, compramos una botella de vodka in the store ship and played 21 or some other drinking game with everyone else.

Random hilarious story: michelle and i met a girl (Kate) on the cruise ship which was from another student tour group. Kate was a nice little white girl, who you could tell had never experienced a wild spring break and who seemed a little out of place specially with her only male friend from her same university. They kinda kept to themselves and were drinking coke. But after a few drinks, Kate says: "Dont be fooled, 'Im drinking diet coke with vodka (gross 1st of all) and I'm no good girl, I'm actually a bit of a slut" - WHOAAAAA confessions of suburban skank! - She became my friend too! Throughout the trip nunca la vi picada ni hooking up - I'm guessing it was all undercover. jajajajaja!

The one thing that pissed me off on that cruise ship was the fact that the "club" they had did not play any music because it was Good Friday! COME ON! I know Jesus would have wanted me to dance instead of drink.

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