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The person who has asked me the most about my school has definitely been my older sister, Patricia. Is it good? What does it rank? Why Florence? How did you find out about it? Do any Nicaraguans go there? Are you sure you its good enough? Is it well-known? OMG! MIL PREGUNTAS! So I'll just answer these questions for my sister and everyone else to know.

How did I find out about Polimoda? I just googled best european fashion grad schools! DUH!

What is Polimoda? Polimoda, International Institute of Fashion Design & Marketing is an Italian centre of excellence, recognized worldwide for its high quality, fashion-oriented, didactic offer ranging from design & marketing to management and communication, always in close realtion to the business world. (from website)

President - FERRUCCIO FERRAGAMO - A name representing fashion made in Italy in the world.
Dean - LINDA LOPPA - A world renowned name in the fashion education field.
Polimoda SRL President - SANTO VERSACE - President of Gianni Versace Spa & brother of Gianni & Donatella Versace
The Institute Spin-Off - POLIMODA SRL - Education, consulting and internationalization services for companies. 34 major fashion companies as associates. (from website)

Their Values: Dynamism and Innovation, Enhancing Talents, Care for local area Development, & Internationalism (from website)

What is the application process like? 1. Send in my application papers (obviously) 2. Online Video Exam (mine was an old Levi's commercial) and it comes with 3 questions that must be answered and returned in 24 hours. 3. Phone Interview - and I was in! :D

How does it rank? Well I couldn't find any rankings, but plenty of websites considered it one of the top fashion schools in Italy and Europe with Marangoni Institute, Parsons, ESMOD of Paris

Did you apply to other schools? Yes. Just Lorenzo d' Medici (also in Florence).

What other schools did you look into & why didn't you apply to them? I considered Parsons, FIDM of California, ESMOD of Paris, and the Marangoni Institute, but Parsons and FIDM only offered what I wanted as a bachelors or summer programs. In addition, if I was getting my masters in fashion, I might as well go for it and head to Europe! and honestly, ESMOD scared me a little! It looked really intense and amazing too but idk I just hesitated. Either way, I'm not a big fan of Paris, parisians are a bit rude - and my sister divorced one - so I don't like them. LOL and as for the Marangoni Institute, I honestly forgot! I guess I was just so caught up in Polimoda, I loved it since I first opened their website, what can I say, it was love at first sight :D

You're getting a Masters in...what? Fashion Management & Merchandising.

What can you do with that? I could be a Merchandising Manager, Freelance Consultant,Distribution Manager, Customer Relation Manager, or Merchandiser

What are your courses? Principles of Fashion Marketing, Principles of Fashion Merchandising, Cross Cultural Communication for Fashion, World Business Issues, Research Project AIM - Applied International Management, Merchandising Specialization Set, Fashion Promotion Mix, Customer Relation Management, and Business Plan for Fashion.

What language is your Masters in? English! ;)

How long is the program? 9 months of coursework and 3 months of thesis/internship.

- - - - So did I answer your questions ???????? or do you have more ????????- - - -


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  2. Hi Alicia,

    According to them, 90% of their students find a job after the master. Is that true?


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