Milan, City of Fashion

(picture above: Sherine, Elvira, me)
(picture above: at Seven)

Last weekend, I went to Milan. I went with 2 girls from school, Elvira & Sherine. I knew were gonna miss our train because of Elvira, she is such a mess! and it poured that morning. Therefore, we missed out train but were able to find another one leaving in 10 minutes. However, we had to change trains and the 2nd train couldn't be missed. However, THANK GOD! We made it with a 15 second difference and off we went to Milan on a 3 hour train trip.

Arriving to Milan's train station was like I was back at the NYC Grand Central train station. Spectacular! Huge! and Busy! People running one way to another! and Huge Armani ads of Cristiana Ronaldo and Megan Fox. (sighhhh) He's so fuckinnn hot! One thing I didn't like was paying 1 euro to use the bathroom! GRRR! Para toda mierda cobran aqui!

Anyways, once we were outside and walked on a little over to the subway - again, it was the NYC feeling. Mind you I've been to NYC once with Annita and I loved it! I kinda don't like quick pace but I like the walking. I enjoy people, my surroundings, and life a lot more. From the subway, we checked in and looked for FOOD! It was like 4pm and Elvira was already getting grumpy. Butttt guess what! Our damn receptionist didn't tell us, ALL the damn restaurants are closed and open till 7pm to serve dinner or any other type of food! fuckin shit! me estaba muriendooo de hambreee! we did not want to go have wine and chips for 3 hours, meanwhile their kitchen opened. After probably walking 45 minutes around a very polluted and water less "river" where the restaurants and bars were at - we found a little pub and had some crostini (2 pancitos tostados con salmon) - ni modo para aguantarme el hambre, ni modo. After that we walked home and a pick-up only pizza place was opened and we got some pizza. That night we went to Corso Como, which is described by hostelbookers.com as " But nothing in Milan could exactly be described as casual. For the less formal traveler, the Corso Como part of town (near the Stazione Garibaldi) is to be avoided: this is where the city’s models and fashionistas hang out. If you’re not dressed in the latest designer threads, you won’t get past the beady-eyed fashion police on the door. " , as soon as you get there you are hounded by street club promoters, and because of them and other sources of ours we ended up at Hollywood and Seven. Seven was more of a lounge and drinks were 15 euros! We got in for free but 15 f*ckin euros for a drink! It was big and it had a lot of vodka pero puta! para eso me compro una botella en el super! So, they were hosting a Fashion TV party but I think we were a little to early, it was just 3 and 2 other girls at another table. Asi que por el apuro de mis amigas, me tome el trago y nos fuimos a Hollywood. Hollywood was 20 euros to get in and 1 drink included, actually juice! porque el cranberry vodka que pedi tenia mas juice que nada and for more vodka me queria cobrar 10 euros para un shot. ADIOSSSSS broder! Eso fueron mis UNICOS 2 tragos de la noche. Ni modo, pase bailando sober all night. LOL. My friends thought Hollywood was ghetto, nose porque, porque valia 20 euros para entrar - asi que volvimos a Seven and now it was packed of models, fashionable guys/gays and old men. Elvira, wanted to stay, she met some random ugly italian like always and just forgets shes with friends and starts talking about who knows what with them. Yo estaba harta de los viejos, not having a drink, not being able to dance anymore and not being able to talk to the hot guy I had seen at Hollywood before - asi que nos fuimos. NIGHT finito.

Day 2 at Milan. We went to the Duomo, piazzas, had some wine and pizza for lunch, window shopped at MonteNapoleane, which is the designer avenue, and looked for the church that has the Last Supper painting. Sadly, I couldn't see it. Apparently you have to make reservations to see it and they only allow 20 people per 15 minutes to see and there were 2 tours lined up waiting. The guy told us to come back in 2 months! because it was reserved till then. ok, thanks buddy! - y esa noche, fuimos a comer dinner to a really nice place, great drinks! great food! - oh and before dinner, we were at the cheap shopping area, but I didn't want to shop, I was just there to stay out of the hotel and see more Milan buttttt my friend wanted to go to zara and h&m, like if we didn't have them in Florence?!

and that was pretty much it. I liked it a lot! it is less touristy and more city. However, en toda esta semana, Milan opened my eyes to the beauty of Florence and it really is better here. The streets are getting a lot more crowded now with tourists but it is so beautiful! I specially love to walk along the Arno River. Amazing! Asi que I'm satisfied living and studying here instead of applying to Marangoni (which is another important fashion institute).

Milan's Gothic Duomo

First Prada store in Italy. Of course I went in! but I just starred.


El trago mas caro de mi vida!

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