I think he wanted to kill me

After class today, I was walking home along the bridge as I normally do and a guy on a bike stopped to ask me if I knew where some bar was at (mind you its 3pm). Then he asks "Can I introduce myself to you?", I was about to say no till I remembered a conversation I had with a friend last night about not dating, guys and how I haven't been on a date in over 2 years. The guy was decent not really up to my standards (ugly bike and wearing all black) but I decided to give a chance to talk. He tells me his name and asks if I would like to have a drink with him at downtown - why not? I said. He locks his bike and tells me we are going to Piazza Michelangolo in his car. - WHAT! No No No - First of all, the piazza is a long walk away! It's really close to my house but it's an upwards hill and a lot of stairs and then when he says car; as soon as he locked his bike onto a pole, his car was right there! WTF!? Does he just pick up girls on the bridge trail I was on on his bike? - So I said NO to going to the piazza or getting into his car. I said "let's just go to a nearby cafe and sit" - Ok he says - as we are walking and crossing the roads, he is trying to hold my hand and hug me as we are walking! WTF dude! I don't even know you! (and I don't even like to hold hands) - so we are basically on the other side of the bridge and he tells me, we can go sit not under the bridge but down by the bridge (RED FUCKIN LIGHT!) - hell to the NO! All I thought was "The Lovely Bones" and being the typical missing foreign student. Right then and there, I was trying to get out with an excuse that I had to meet some friends. He gave me his number and he has mine (because he dialed it on my phone). I told him I had Thursday off and that it would be better to meet that day, he said he understood. AND as we are saying goodbye the italian way (2 kisses on each cheek) as he kisses one cheek, he TRIED TO KISS ME! WTFFFFFFFFFFFF! OMGGGGGG! Is he crazy! was he trying to kill me? First he said a drink, then he wants me in his car, and then he wants to sit down by the river?! NOOOO! omg I was so scared! However, I got out alive! pfey!


  1. jajajaja!! dude, have you ever seen that movie called 'Taken'?? Please becareful over there. I hope he doesnt know where you live.

  2. wow that was so freeeeeaky! that guy definitely wanted to do something funky! puro top story de nancy grace, the mistery of the slain foreign student! dont talk to strangers allison!

  3. @ jen, i have not seen TAKEN. when i was walking home, i'd look over my shoulder to make sure he wasn't following.
    @ lluvi, ayyyy NANCY GRACE! i love that woman! i could be her ;) .... si si no more talking to strangers! promise!


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