Come On the Train & Ride It (woot woot) !!

Why is it that something always happens to me when I ride the train. My 1st train trip was to Seina - I forgot to validate the ticket and was fined 40 euros on the spot! P*ta! Por suerte andaba riales, I wonder what would have happened if we had no cash because there was no way out of that fine, the ticket guy was unforgiving. (2) When I was going to Milan with my friends, we almost missed our train by a minute! But it was my friends fault, she was late. (3) Then a few weeks ago, I ended up going to Viareggio beach alone after my friends ditched me for their beds. I was on time, walked calmly, and on the train's third stop I quickly realized I forgot to validate my damn ticket - AGAIN! I got off the next stop (por suerte no habia pasado el ticket guy yet) with my bags and luckily there was a validating machine nearby and I was able to check it and get back on! Pfuey! Vaya Suertecita!

(4) Now I arrived 40 minutes before to double check everything, validate my ticket, and pick a great seat - knowing my way around ..... WRONG! I got my ticket, took my time, validated, and asked if this was my train. "It was" ... So I hop on and think "Whoaaaa! This is a fancy train for 16.20 euros! Great comfy seats and my own table. FANCY!" ... but something didn't feel right. So I asked the guy in front of me "I know this is a weird question, but how much did you pay for your ticket?" - "44 euros" he says - "F*ck! Can you help me get my bags down!" ....... damn! I got off just on time sino de cuanto hubiera sido la multa!?  - - Ok. Think! Look at the train departures, which one leaves next? and for my price! - - The next "Regional" train leaves in 1.20 hour. Great! So much for leaving early to enjoy Rome. (After this I arrived safely to Rome and no fine).

(5) My way back was cansadisimo! The ferry leaving Ventotene Island was at 3pm and 2 hours long. From Formia train station to the Rome train station (with an uncomfortable pullout chair) it was another 2 hours. By the way, a guy from tour group was joining me because he was also headed back to Florence. From Ventotene Island to Florence se me pego como chicle! So annoying! - Anyways. This train ride was hot, suffocating, and very tiring. Once we arrived to the Rome train station, we looked for the next (and fastest) train back home to Florence. As we looked and looked on over 10 machines, the only and last train was SOLD OUT! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I cannot stay in Rome! I have class at 9am and I want to be in my bed!  ....... De tanto joder con las maquinas, I eventually find seats in first class for 62 euros (ni modo!) I bought it and ran to the train, I only had 8 minutes left! As I'm hopping on, the train guy says to me "This ticket is for next Sunday" - "Whattttttttttt, Nooooooooooooo! I need to leave now! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!" - The other guy even bought the same ticket as me! Wrong day! - I must have talked to 4 different train guys and the train wasn't even full! They told me to stay on the train and just talk to the captain. So I did. Apparently what happened is that the last train doesn't show up on the machine system - Oh Great! Oh the hell was I suppose to know that?! .... pero bueno I was on the train home in a comfy seat. I had to buy a new ticket (and even help the guy buy it porque andaba sin riales).

Man! Clase trip-eo! Now I have to go to the Florence train station and get my money back for the wrong ticket, but I got home (and the guy paid me back as soon as we arrived to Florence) :)

I guess I still haven't caught on the train system, I don't know if I ever will. What can I say, I get too overwhelmed.

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  1. i felt like i was there the whole time, i loved this one!


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