London, UK

Being in Europe, You can see that Florence has the men, Milan has the models, Berlin has the laid back style, Paris hardly has any fashion ( seriously, the ONE woman I thought was worth a picture could not be photographed because I was on the bus - dammit! Plus I'm just disappointed by Paris, I don't even want to get into it ), Madrid & Barcelona have mixed brights .... but London has it ALL! I only have 3 photos ... 2 tourists and 1 Brit .. but I saw a lot of great looking people (men & women)! They house great stores ... so there is no wonder why people look so damn good!


The girls. First picture, I love her striped blazer and gray bow pants...the bow got me! The second girl, I just like her bag! I've been on the search for the perfect bucket bag (since I can't afford Alexander Wang and my bright purple from Las Pepas broke) ... I like hers cause its reminds me of mine - it's SHINY

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