Hats Down ... It's Crazy Small!

While going through the smelly sales racks and funky accessories of H&M, Crystal and I found a couple of funny miniature hat/hair accessories, which we couldn't stop laughing at. Now I wonder from who did H&M steal this idea from? I know Miu Miu & Ban.Do create amazing headband and hair accessories. But then it hit me! H&M loves Lady GaGa (they have a lot of printed t-shirts of her) !! ... and Lady GaGa loves Philip Treacy! She even applied for an internship back in May, after having worked with him on many of her extravagant red carpet and concert looks. However, these little hats suck compared to Jennifer Behr, Ban.Do, Philip Treacy and Miu Mius amazing creations .... don't you think?

Philip Treacy's Unique Sculptures

Pink Bow Headpiece, Philip Treacy, Retail Price: 934 euros

LOVE to Splurge on Hair Accessories? I HIGLY recommend:

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