Shantall Lacayo, Nicaraguan Designer

A strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything: a passion for music
Any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling: as love or hate

When I'm asked what I'm passionate about I say "fashion and hotels" and when people ask me why I'm so passionate (overall) it's because I am Nicaraguan (strong latin blood)! 

Fashion is a fast paced world that you can either love or hate. A relationship with a latina(o) can lead to a lustful and beautiful life together or a life of tracking your lover's each step till you know the why, what, when, how, and where and still having the energy to have sex all night and do all over again tomorrow. THAT IS PASSION! 

Therefore, when it comes to extravagant, sensuality, and passion (of course) - only one Nicaraguan designer comes to mind and that is Shantall Lacayo. She is 26 years old and now owns and directs an atelier by her own name, specialized in women's wear design (haute couture, prêt-á-porter, evening and casual wear) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I think I started talking to her when I was about 16 years old. She designed the costumes for all the different genres and ages of our dance school. After that, I'd just catch her at fashion shows, her fashion shows, fittings, and during our college pageant (where she won) - and I can tell you since I've known this woman, she is passionate and detailed for every single piece she designs. She has a strong voice, presence, personality, style, and charisma. She is passionate - passionate for designing! But not only is she passionate, she is DAMN GOOD at what she does! She is my one and only favorite Nicaraguan designer!
Now, why I am writing about her? Well because she's on PROJECT RUNWAY LATINOAMERICA on FTV, every Monday, and has just won the 1st challenge! So please stayed tune! She will be the next BIG thing! (btw if you don't have FTV like I do - find it on YOUTUBE.COM)
Follow her blog: http://shantalllacayo.blogspot.com/
Follow her on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ShantallLacayo
A few articles on her:
Fashion Show: You can see a few pictures from her last fashion show in Nicaragua, dated December 2009 on my personal blog: http://beatriceitaliana.blogspot.com/2009/12/art-fashion.html

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