Farewell Florence

It's 5:55am and I'm at the Florence airport waiting for the Tax Refund office to open. I'm still sweating from carrying down 5 bags (including my gigantic "purse") down 4 flights of stairs...F*CK! I've been stressing for days that my bags weren't going to make it pass through with the weight limit but they did...each on the EXACT 20kg limit! ufffff! Thank God! I didn't want to pay 100 euros for a stupid 6kg overweight difference.

Last night, was .... terrrrrrible! I don't if its me being anxious or stressed but I made myself sick! 1st of all, something happened to my eye! my eye! its being stinging and I can hardly see. 2nd, I was so busy running last minute errands that I didn't eat and that led to one of the worst headaches (migrane i think) of my life! It was so bad that when I was at my last dinner with my friends...I threw up :( ..... and it was the BEST kind of dinner! It was sushi! My favoriteeeee! and Icecream...and Potatoe & Spinach Ravoli! ... DAMNNIT! I'm so mad at myself for not eating! I ruined my last night! .... However, my friends there were amazing! The ones that have truly meant something to me were there (except Crystal, who's with her sister...but its ok..she called me after) .... You know who you are. Florence and Polimoda could not have been the same without you 5... Thank for everything! Thank you for the nights out in Venice & MIlan, wine nights, Colleberetto & YAB, Twice, shopping trips, lunch & dinner dates, helping me to "turn the page", listening to me cry & bitch, Chinese dinner, and of course through the school drama!

A special thank you to Megha, who gave me a place to stay when I was robbed, shook up, and at the police station till 5am! But specially for being a listener and understanding my point of view (even though I could have been wrong). Friends like you are simply hard to find and thank God I found you in Florence! I know you will find the greatest job ever and succeed! You are everything I see...Strength! I love you friend (in a non-gay way...since (clearing my throat) some girls in our class thought we were gay LOL ... had to say it :P .... see you soon! :)

I know I'll see my girls again...for sure in NYC because that's where were are meant to be...a tarot card reader doesn't have to tell us this... I KNOW we belong there!

As for Florence, It's not you...It's me. I want a bigger, better, livelier city...so I'm leaving you for NYC. You were kinda of a bore....but I'll just think of it as a longgg vacation. Thanks anyway...I know you'll find someone better.

P.S. I just got $52 from the tax refund WOOT WOOT! jajajajaj I just had to share that! :P

Pss. Crystal !!! I don't have a picture with you! WTF??!! :S :S Megha, I think you it on your camera...let me know! ;)

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