Interview Dress Code Pointers

Here are some tips on how to dress for an interview from what I've learned.


  • Should always have a Sharp, Clean, and Tailored Pant, Suit, and/or Blazer
  • Solid classic colors like Gray & Black (you'll never go wrong)
  • Closed Shoes (A little peep toe isn't too bad)
  • Minimal detail (exception explained later)
  • Mani & Pedi
  • Natural makeup (and shower)

WOMEN DON'T even try this:

  • No-No to Tight, Body-Con dresses (unless you are looking into the late night entertainment industry)
  • No-No to Sheer or Cleavage baring tops (its an interview not a party)
  • No-No to worn out shoes, thigh high boots, flippy-floppies, sneakers (if you are going to show a little peep toe make sure you have a presentable pedicure)
  • No-No to excess and bright makeup
  • No-No to New shoes? or do you only have sky-high heels? If you can't walk in them, you might look like a drunk so leave them at home.
  • No-No to Animal print (I love love animal print but for some reason I don't its acceptable)
  • No-No to Boring suits (Be original!)
  • No-No to Tank tops and jeans (they are for BBQs)
  • No-No to showering yourself with your perfume bottle
  • BIGGEST NO-NO to FAKES of the company you want to be hired to
WOMEN try this:
  • Bow tie tops
  • ONE Statement piece (ring, necklace .... this is a great conversation starter)
  • Graphic print dress or blouse
  • Vintage handbag

Here are some more ideas from Net-A-Porter & Forever 21

Paul & Joe Petitpot Ruffled Dress from Net-A-Porter for 360 euros
Blue Basic Silk Top from Forever 21 only for $22.80

Most importantly be on TIME, dress to IMPRESS, keep it REAL, .... you want to be memorable just like that amazing cover letter you wrote to get the job you want. GOOD LUCK! ;) 

Patrick Robinson, Creative Designer for the Gap, says "You need to dress in a style that works for the brand you're interviewing for. If you're going into the Gap, you should look like the Gap. but don't come in dressed like one of the ads. You need to express you own style as well." (Source: Teen Vogue, An Insider's Guide to Careers in Fashion) 

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