Update on Year 2

It's been a very long time since I've posted on this blog for many reasons. One: I wasn't sure if I should continue to write about my experience, I was a little afraid that if my office found out about this I'd get in trouble with them like I did with my classmates in Italy. Two: I just haven't had time.

However, I think I will make the time!

I started this blog to share my real experience because I've read books and seen too much reality tv on fashion life and well some things aren't as they seem.

So let me remind you. In 2010, I went to grad school in Italy to pursue fashion and now in 2011, I moved to NYC to pursue Fashion PR and have interned at 2 great companies. Now, it is time for me to apply apply apply and find a job.

I want to share my experience. All experiences are different. This one is just mine.

Tomorrow I will start again and give you a detailed ride on my last 2 PR internships.


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