In the Summer Time When the Weather is Cool ....

School is cool, the girls will be girls, and we are almost at the end. Its been 6 months! I can't believe it. I think after all Polimoda did teach me a few things (I wish a couple classes and professors would have been better) but at the end of the day I came, I saw, I conquered - sounds like I'm leaving soon but not yet! I'm still looking for the perfect internship and mainly looking in NYC. 

We are now down to a few classes a week and our final group project, Phard (say it slowly and it sounds gross :S ) and Zu (like Zoo) Elements - tween casual clothing and jean companies from back in the 90s - kinda like the Tommy Hilfigier for Italian kids. Our mission is to re-launch them - this will be tough because we are not excited at all. However, its quite the challenge - helping a company re-launch their ghost company.
Its also June and the climate finally decided to settle for melting hot. My poor parents are going to die in my A/C-less apartment but at least my landlord gave me a standing fan, algo es algo! I wish I had a pool here. I hear there's a public pool in the city ... but that doesn't sound too much fun - All I picture is kids running and jumping into the pool and spilling my mojito. I called a few hotels but they reserve their pools for their guests (damnit!) I need to figure this out!

Just 3 more weeks and I'll see my folks! :D

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