Internship, Interviews, Jobs, ... Oh My!

This is where it gets tough, emails are sent to us from our Internship Office if we are interested in working with XX company or we send emails all day through our own connections or craigslist in order to be one of the many trying to get a piece of that pie. I can probably say I have sent out +30 emails to internships mostly in NYC and have only received 2 feedbacks and just recently an interview that couldn't have gone more wrong or awkward.

Through school I have only applied to 3 of the 10 internships they have sent me. Why? Well most of them ask for STRONG command of Italian and mine isn't as strong. I also do not want to stay in Italy. I think I'm pretty much done. I have seen and conquered and I'm ready to hit NYC - I love that city! It's a fast-paced, walking, subway, historical, lively, and most importantly fashion city! The 3 internships I've applied to are companies I believe in, know of, or the position opening was very interesting - Ferragamo, Pucci, and Tom Ford. Our of these 3, I wish I could have gotten the Pucci one. My 1st designer bag was a Pucci and I can totally relate to their consumer. However, I had to turn it down because they needed some immediately and my parents are coming soon and our plans are booked. When I had to give it up - I remembered the episode of The Hills when Lauren said no to Paris so she could be with her love, Jason. LOL Its a completely different situation! But it's like I missed an opportunity of a lifetime. But like Tupac says "Keep Your Head Up" - powerful words to live by - something better will be around the corner, I know it. - The Tom Ford job is a dream! But there's strong competition, the guy is interviewing all over Europe and UK for the perfect merchandising assistant! This interview went very very well but it also went as well for the rest of the girls ... so its hard to tell.

These internship openings are tough because you know who your "competition" is, where they worked, how long they worked there, if they have the right experience, what languages they speak - YOU KNOW IT ALL! It's stressful. You know who wants it, who applies to it, and how it went for them. Stressful, Scary, and Competitive. - I didn't get the Ferragamo interview. I applied but not called. That was a wake up call! I fixed my resume and doubted myself for a second - but know I know what my strengths and weaknesses are. Like I said, some jobs just won't be meant for me and there are million more openings, and few hundred that want me - I just have to find them!

The awkward interview I was talking about was weird because it was on the phone. First I had technical difficulties calling and ran down to the corner shop, so the guy could explain the calling card procedure to me, I was 5-7 minutes late to my phone interview, and as I was talking as I was going up the stairs to my apartment (4 flights of stairs) and I couldn't stop panting. I thought phone interviews were easier but they're not! You obviously can't see the persons face (therefore read them), shake hands, personal presentation, or the possible office. What a disaster!

I just want an internship!

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