Finding a Home

I know I haven't written in a while. It's mostly because I have been having a rough couple of weeks. As you last read, I had just moved into an apartment with other random roommates. Well on my 4th day there, I went to take a shower, went back to my room and checked my purse to make sure I had my money to go off for coffee. To my shock, it was ALL missing! I had over 2 thousand euros in cash in my purse and it was all gone! Why did I have so much money in my bag?? - I was going to open a bank account and carried it in my purse because I didn't know the roommates well enough to leave my stash at "home". So during my 15 minute shower, it was taken from me :( Who do I think it was?? - When I went into the shower, only 1 roommate was "home", which is also the landlord's boyfriend. At the moment, I was skyping with my sister, and I was freaking out! I called my friends for back-up. I called the roommate (Kelvis) that had been there, but left during my shower (with my money) and obviously denied it. I just know it was him. He was the only person there when I went into the shower and the night before (red light!), he asked me for some money, because he wanted to go out. Let me just add, I had just paid him my deposit and rent, and he is 40 years old! Long story short about that Saturday afternoon, my friends helped me pack up and leave the place immediately! We went to the police and filed a report. OH! Let me back up a little too! When I realized all my cash was gone, I checked my debit card account and someone! somehow! charged 6 different things on it (supermarket and lounges)! So I had to cancel that as well! That day, I only had 25 euros in my wallet. I was cried out, in shock, and felt so violated! It was a terrible feeling! In addition to the feeling of "MY DAD IS GOING TO KILL ME!" - "I CAN'T BELIEVE I WAS SO STUPID TO BE ROBBED!". This all happened 2 saturdays ago. I've been miserable! Trying to get money, trying to tell my dad, trying to get my bank to send me a new card, trying to find a new place (I'm crashing again at a friends), - simply TRYING TO FIGURE EVERYTHING OUT! I think this happened to me, because I'm so against paying the ridiculously high real estate fee, so someone can find me an apartment and well I have been procrastinating my apartment search. I have great fault in this incident I KNOW IT, if I could only go back in time!

Anyways, its been a week and 2 days and things are looking up. Tonite I'm hopefully signing a contract for my OWN apartment (I'm too afraid to share now), my card is coming soon, and I have money to pay rent (and not crash). So hopefully my next blog will be about my new HOME.

For all my friends that knew about it and for my family that obviously knew about it. THANK YOU for all the prayers! XOXO

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  1. those other people can go to hell!take pictures of the new place!!!


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