I've never ever ....

I can now say I have:
  • Cliff jumped from a 60 feet rock into the Mediterranean Sea and topless ;)
  • Witnessed 5+ couples independently engaging in hot tub sex when the hotel club closed at 2am (sadly my roommate was one of them)
  • Witnessed guys and girls give each other oral sex and they called it "body shots" (since when they did they add the whip cream on the penis or vagina?)
  • Been to a top 10 European club to see David Guetta
  • Met Marco's lesbian soulmate (without the flirting). She was my roommate and she was so down to earth! What a great person she is! I wish I coulda met her since I've been here but she's leaving in 3 weeks.
  • Had a plate smashed on my head and danced to some Greek music (Grace en verdad duele! Sorry for smashing the glass cup on your head back in Senior year!)
  • Tried some Ouzo; Greek version of Sambuca ;)
  • Seen one of the Wonders of the World - the Acropolis (well it was said to be, I just googled 7 wonders of the world and it seems like they are every changing but the Acropolis and Athens history was definitely an experience!)
  • Been to a Toga party (a pink one to be exact)
  • Behaved and drank just enough (I guess it's the age)
Thank you Greece for the experience of a life-time!

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