The Pink Palace

I left Florence at 9am (friday) and arrived to my final destination The Pink Palace at Corfu Island, Greece at about 11am (saturday). Well it was a bargain student package and comfort was not included.

As soon as we arrived, the hostel lived up to its name. It was extremely pink! The hostel, rooms, walls, stairs, drinks, club, togas, bars, shirts, boat, and posters were all PINK! Victoria Secret would be jealous! The Pink Panther would get drunk there! Barbie would summer there! and I think I still see pink!

My roommates (Liz & Michelle) and I had a great view but a long walk to the hostel club and beach area. When I say long, I mean lots of stairs and hills to get there. Picture walking from Pelican Eyes to the beach or the highest point at La Pepesca (the Marlin) to the beach, f*ckin cansado la caminata! However, we did have a view.

The hostel had a 24 hour bar, beach bar and restaurant, "club" (que parecia el hall del El Queztal para los 15 años), and breakfast and dinner was included.

At the 24 hour bar, habian 2 bartenders. Un viejo asquerosooo morbosoooo, eso tipo de viejos gringos that moves to exotic locations to be able to sleep or sexual harass drunken spring break girls and the girls think its all fun and games and like having their asses and tits grabbed by a 54 year old that learned "Single Ladies" dance moves to grin his "single friend" all up on them. GRO-SS! Believe me, I stood far from him, ademas that he was an asshole when I corrected and suggested how to better his bartending "skills". Example: I asked him for a piña colada y me lo da con hielo?! WTF!? Piña coladas are supposed to be frozen! If you don't have the machine, please don't bother to offer it! The other bartender was a guy from New Zealand who would play "Destination Unknown", probably 15 times a day! I couldn't stop staring at his teeth - igualito a los de Austin Powers! F*ckin grossssss! Ademas de su teeth, he had that dirty surfer look. I love surfers, they are all hot but there are limits! I will not hook up with you, if you live in a tent on the beach, only shower in the sea and dreadlocks are starting to show - hell no! Pero como hay bartenders sucios tambien hay mujeres sucias. There was a chick in the group que se moriaaaa por agarrar con el and she did! (throwing up now).

Anyways, on my 1st afternoon there, we went straight to the beach to tan. Everyone was laying out, drinking, and peeing in the freezing sea. LMAO. I also tried the Greek beer called Alfa, it tastes just like Toña! That night, there was a huge dinner for all the +500 guests at the hostel. I thought the food was going to suck but all my dinners were finger lickin goood! La unica cosa, era el wait, everyone had to be seated and the 3 course meal was individually served by 5 "waiters". "Waiters" porque the hostel staff played multiple roles (bartenders, receptionist, activity hosts, beach restaurant cooks).

That night, I was exhausted went to bed at midnight, aren't I a good girl? ;) 

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