WHITE Night!

NO! It is not a racist nite! White Night was this past Friday night because it was Labor day the following day. Therefore all the stores stay open till midnight, concerts are set up all over the city (corners and piazzas), restaurants and bars set up some more space, drinks, and food on the streets for all the partygoers on the streets, and a dance/drum band was going around town. ALEGRISIMO! The girls from school came over to my house for some predrinks and we hit the street at midnight. We started on the street but it was sooooo crowded we got lost within 15 mins of being there LOL Asi que we bar and club hopped. We went to this one place that had great music and the bartenders threw napkins all over the place. I was probably under a foot of napkins and I lost one of my favorite chandelier earrings in there! :( :( We all wet home at 5am and the streets were still full of people partying pero yo ya estaba muertaaaa! White Night was a success and a night to remember!

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