Booze Cruise a lo Pink Palace

The booze cruise was the craziest hotel activity I have ever done! This is where I experienced Spring Break a lo gringo. Before I tell you about it - let me give you some logistics jajajaja - Only 60 people are allowed, therefore you must register and pay for it, only the day of the trip. The trip was 25 euros and NO booze is included (you would have thought it would considering its spring break and it's called "booze" cruise). My roommates and I went to reception at 7 30am because they told us it fills up fast. Atleast I had had some sleep but there were people there from 7am already! No te digo esta gente no esta jugando and is ready to party!

After registering we had some breakfast and waited along the coast to get ready to hop on the boat. Getting on was terrible! It was 10am and we had to get in the freezing water, walk towards to boat with my bag while the small waves hit my chest and climb the stairs on the side of the boat!!!

15 minutes within the boat ride: a girl is walking around topless, everyone gets free beer and has to do a shotgun, the captain is walking around in a speedo and grabbing 3 asses in the pilot area, the 1st song on is "I'm on a Boat", and the topless girl is already laying on the bar having whip cream licked off her nipples by both bartenders. WOOOHOOOO! Here we go! Spring Break 2010 Greece!

The 1st place we hit was a 50-60 ft. rock where about 10 of us cliff jumped. As soon as we arrived, the boat crew told us "If you cliff jump completely naked you receive 5 free beers; if you cliff jump topless you receive 2 beers". I was just going to jump. Climbing that rock was scary, I don't think anyone got through it without a cut. All I thought was "don't slip! hold on tight!" but I made it to the top - once I got there, I was like "wtf am I doing!? estoy loca! me va matar mi papa!" After the 3rd person jumped, a girl stepped up but couldn't manage to jump, she was freaking out! Everyone was so scared for her. Ademas de eso, le metio miedo porque la muchacha antes que ella had a bad fall. We were instructed to jump straight into the water, arms/hands on the side, and keep our eyes open as we jumped. However, the girl before, somehow managed to land sidewise (the next day, she had a bruise run along her whole left leg!) This also freaked me out! You heard everyone go " oooooooooooooooooooooo! "- Since this girl would not jump, I decided to go for it! and go for it topless! I thought "I'm in Greece, none of these f*ckers know me, boobs are boobs, I gotta be a little crazy on spring break" - So I did it! and I can't remember it. It happened so fast. I just remember being in the water, my ass hit the water really f*ckin hard (I think I freaked out when I was about to the water and put my knees up), waiting for someone to throw my sandals and top from the rock while I was in pain and hardly being able to swim. While I was swimming away from the landing area, the guy that proceeded me did it completely naked! LOL He was actually kinda cute - but I'll you what happened with him later.

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