Is it weird?

Is it weird that for the past 2 nights (and tonight) I have been sleeping on my sofa, purposely! I don't have a roommate, so no I haven't been kicked out of my room/loft. I come home and sit on it all day and night long. I also eat on it - I think I've used my table 5 times not including the times I have friends over and we drink on my table NOT my sofa jejeje. I have even slept better on it! The bad thing about sleeping on my sofa is getting direct sunlight in the morning and when I sleep in my bed upstairs no se siente la hora del dia. I wonder why I like sleeping here, it's kinda odd because I like big beds!

Is it also weird that I'm bored of my own cooking LOL Esque I also cook the same thing. I try to eat right on weekdays, so I usually eat chicken or meat. I don't buy rice (I haven't had rice since moving here actually - I've tried risotto but it's disgusting) and I don't buy pasta since I moved to my own apartment. I'll eat pasta or pizza on weekends only. So yeah - nose que hacerme de cenar anymore - I feel like Raymond on Everyone Loves Raymond, that his wife would make him Lemon Chicken all the time! El pobre estaba super aburrido de comer eso desde que se conocieron LOL and she thought it was his favorite meal. My meals aren't as dull but they are starting to feel like it. I usually just do a basic salad, pollo a la plancha or chicken/meat fajitas. Today I tried pollo con verduras/papa - NOT at all how my mom makes it! I use wayyy toooo much pepper jjajajja I love pepper! I need to start reading recipes I guess; but I just like to keep it simple. When I lived with Anne, I loved making huge dinners for us - pero sola, no me inspiro, creo que eso es el problema. Even when Elvira is over, I go all out. I guess I like to show off LOL

Have any of you lived alone or been alone at home for a weekend? Isn't it weird to be silent of hours, I feel like a monk. For example today, class ended at 5pm, I walked home, been home, and it is now 11pm. 6 HOURS! Sin hablar! Man, I need company! pero no quiero roommate, maybe I can get an escort roommate LOL para cocinarle y hablarle para un par de horas and byebye. LMAO I think that would be great, not a bad idea.

BTW don't worry I'll keep writing about Spring Break soon. My stories are just too long :P XoXo

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  1. I love the silence. I love the freedom. but I do miss the company-esp at night. (at least the times I've been alone)


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