I'll stick to being a Recessionist

Living in downtown Florence, going to a fashion school and going on field trips to trade shows and high-end designer houses just makes it much more _____(I can't think of the word) that I have no more than 5 designer goods in my closet, which I all got at a consignment store. I don't know if it makes me sad, jealous, or what! But I definitely feel a little inferior (which is the feeling luxury items are supposed to make me feel - from what I've learned in class). I know I shouldn't feel that way but hey! its the truth!

I definitely rock my less expensive stuff and know how to play with them. I can wear an Express shirt and leggings, Aldo boots, Forever 21 scarf, XoXo coat, and D&G bag and feel cute, stylish, and sometimes sexy. I definitely don't feel less "cool" or of a lower status. But I just can't spend more than $300 on an item. I think it's cause of my dad! He's so cheap! and he has always taught my family to be economic with clothes, house utilities, gas, bus passes, etc - I always have his voice in my head saying " don't buy it! that's too expensive! you don't need that! turn off the lights! walk instead of riding the bus " hahaha - in a way it's good though. As much as I want a pair of Guiseppes and the new Chanel bag - I know I can find something cheaper that can make me AS happy. - or perhaps I don't feel comfortable enough to charge $550 on my dad's credit card for the Serio Rossi boots I can't stop starring at on the store window. I am a daddy's girl but thats just too much! I'll just wait till I have a real job and pay for them on my own. or maybe I still be a recessionista and get more for money's worth!!! hahaha don't get me wrong! I love designers! They have amazing creations which are worth their craftsmanship but I just CAN'T.

BTW these are pics from the Ferragamo Museum - shoes that belonged to Evita Peron, Brigitte Bardot, and Carmen Miranda and the girls from FMM, Polimoda 2010!

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