de Mochilera .....

Before arriving to Florence I decided NOT to reserve an apartment online, because I wanted to see it myself and I did NOT want to pay the real estate commission which equals a months rent. I can not believe real estate agents here charge a commission to the person looking for a place when they should charge ONLY the landlord/owner of the property! Besides that I am trying not to spend too much on housing.

Arriving to Florence, I had booked a hotel for a week, but since I met Anne (THANK GOD!) she offered me to stay at her place while I looked around. Honestly, I looked very little but the places I saw were terrible!

I was recommended a website called EasyStanza, where profile ads are posted if you are looking for a ROOM or if you need a ROOMMATE because you have an extra room. So I created my profile and just start searching. Once I was here, I made appointments and went to see the rooms. I know you can not be too picky but I saw some hideous places! One room only had space for a small desk next to the twin size bed, THAT'S IT!! Hell no! Way to small! I am not claustrophobic but I need space to walk around atleast! and the apartment had no living room - so you would hang out in kitchen. The next place that terrified me had an ok room and location BUT the bath - o0oh THE BATH! Just imagine the toilet and a drain right next to it, no shower curtain, and on shower head hose next to the toilet. So you basically shower over or around the toilet! WTF! Comeeee on! HELL NO! That apartment was nice but for some reason I had to use that shower and not the shower which was a normal shower! So no thanks.

This past week was pretty much my deadline, because Anne's roommates were arriving on Thursday afternoon. So I called everyone like crazy and before I knew it I was given a 12 hour notice. I had to check out Anne's apartment on Wednesday morning. I almost looked into real estate agents but decided to calm down and send 20 emails on EasyStanza.

Long story short, I found a place! I moved in on Wednesday night. Unfortunately, I'm on the living room floor of the apartment (at the moment) because the room I am moving into is still occupied, the girl in it, is moving out on Sunday or Monday, the 1st. But I just needed a place. The landlord/roommate (Kelvis) is a fashion photographer (http://kelvisinvisible.us/), dj, and make up artist and a 40 year old man. In addition, there are 2 other female german roommates (one is moving out though). HEY! I was desperate and the place is alrite. I have never lived with complete strangers (besides Anne) specially a man! This is so weird!!!!!

Last night, my friend, Elvira, called me and asked me if I wanted to rent an apartment with her, because she decided to find a 2 bedroom apartment and she doesn't want me living with a man! LOL Therefore, I think I will be moving yet again! LOL Well I hope! I feel kinda uncomfortable living with a man. I mean he's cool but it's just weird! - o0o and by the way, there is only 1 bathroom! I am not liking sharing a bathroom with a guy!

My journey in the past 3 week has included: Hotel - Anne's apartment and Kelvis apartment. What's next? asi que ando de mochilera.

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