PoliMODA or PoliCOOK?

Jen, couldn't have said it best - "are you sure you're not in Italy to go to culinary school?" - and the answer is NO ... I think? hahahaha I'm just kidding. Being on my own surprises me everyday. I gotta try to speak the language, cook for myself (and roommate), ride the bus, read maps, find my way home on all these little streets, find my school's different buildings around town, ride the train - the list goes on! However, my favorite part of the day is cooking dinner for me and Anne. Tonight, we finally had a pasta-less dinner. I told her we had to stop, because we had pasta and wine every night last week. So, I made chicken fajitas, which turned out delishhhh! :D and Anne helped with the side dish, broccoli. So THANKS MOM for the cooking abilities!

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