o0o the Italian Boys!

I haven't meet an Italian boy yet BUT! I have been swoon by them. LOL Specially Anne! She has received a rose on Friday, 8 calls and 5 texts the next day and another set of 6 texts the following weekend, all by the 1 guy she met 2 fridays ago!

This past week, we were walking by the market, and he said "oh! beautiful smile! 1 free jacket!" - so we smiled cause we thought it was funny and kept walking - "0h! another beautiful smile! 2 free jackets!" - we kept walking - "another smile please! and 3 free jackets!" "oh! great ass!" LMAOOOOO! - um thanks I guess!

Last night at the club, the girls and I are dancing and a guy picks up a nearby extinguisher and says to me " SOO HOTT AMOREE! " - lol

and while walking the streets of Florence, they usually do and say 3 things: 1. Just LOOK 2. Turn their heads like Owls and 3. Say "Ciao Bella!" - "So Beautiful" or " NICEEEEEEEEEE " - coming from Nicaragua its nothing new, but when a cute Italian instead of greasy lottery seller says it, you can't help but to smile.

Can't wait to meet my guido ;)

(picture from PITTI PALACE)

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  1. I enjoyed this one very much....the guy with the fire extibguishor, clase loco.


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