What to Wear When: Traveling

Two very good friends of mine are headed to Madrid to get their Masters and I wish them only the best of luck and safest of travels while in Europe. So besides all the apartment and winter wear advice I've already them with - here's another tip - it's going to be a very long ride there. I don't even want to think about it. I traveled on AA for over 23 hours including layovers (but not including my Nicaragua-Miami flight) because the flight was so cheap to Florence. I think I was wearing black leggings, a simple white tank, pink scarf, ballerina flats, and houndstooth cape - oh! and sunglasses of course (because 23 hours you tend to look like shit)! - I seriously don't know how Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and Victoria Beckham do it?? I'm sure they fly commercial sometimessssss. 

Anyways, I remember when flying was a big deal and we would all get a little dressed up. I'm not a big fan of people wearing UGGS or baggy ass Victoria Secret pajama pants already but seeing them look like that while flying too!? Come onnnn!! Can you try a little? Atleast in Europe you're already going to look or sound like a tourist but do you really gotta dress like that? For example, please watch the 1st episode of the Jersey Shore goes to Italy - that's embarrassing! They are embarrassing already - yes, i know - but I'm talking about the traveling look.

So I put a few pieces up from Forever 21 - super cheap and most importantly comfortable. Sunglasses to hide the bags, slip on sneakers, boyfriend capris pants, graphic tee, and casual printed leaf dress with a 4-inch sleeve.

My airport style usually includes: converse sneaks, black leggings, black and/or white top, colorful scarf, Jackie-O sunglasses and a HUGE bag in case my luggage is overweight LOL.        

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