Personal Style: Masculin Feminin

I was just about to type in - never have I ever posted a personal style post or picture but in fact I have! My very first post for this blog was about Interview looks and I post 3 different looks by my friends and I when we were on our way to a Pucci interview in Florence. Its been a year since then!! I don't post personal style pics up for many reasons, one being I am not sponsored by any designer or store therefore I have a very limited closet and prefer not to bore you or myself with my same jeans, black tops, and sandals. I believe I am a pretty simple girl when it comes to dressing - I may have an eye for fashion but I a not a stylist. However, last night when I was headed to my weekly sangria night with the besties, I wanted to try something new - alas Masculin Feminin! I got a few stares when walking into the heavily packed Galerias restaurant area but I felt gooood! oh yeahhhhhh! I think I pulled it off all by myself - (well not all by myself) the pictures below definitely inspired my look. Oh! I was also finally able to do a fishtail!! yeyyyy! Even though I have blogged and posted a video about fishtails I was never able to do it right!! But now I got the hang of it :)

I hope these pictures may inspire someone too :)

Shoes: Stella McCartney
Vest & Belt: H&M
Blouse: my mom's Ralph Lauren
Pants: Express
Purse: from the Florentine market
Tie: my dad's vintage Bill Blass

Inspiring street style pictures - via STREETFSN
Olivia Palermo picture via Metrochica


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