Baby on Board!

My best friend's look a likes have to be the Kardashian sisters. Lushes Long black hair, Petite, HourGlass body, Big booty, and just damn Sexy! Too bad she's married and pregnant now ... and a she. LOL - Anywayssss ..... although she has amazing style, she asked me to help her with her baby shower look. Therefore, I went through my celeb-preggo archives. I have personally loved the baby bump styles of Ashlee Simpson, Nicole Richie, and Kourtney Kardashian.

I think pregnant women should flaunt their unique curves (no matter how big they get) - but don't let the girls too out and seem like Pamela Andersons; I'm talking about showing off the baby bump! Like Kourtney does; I think its extremely sexy how she rocked the red carpet with this simple white dress and well what's a hotter accessory than your bump?! Ashlee also goes simple with her day to day look; showing off the baby bump skin just a tad - again looking very sexy.

When I was going through my celeb preggo pics, I found Jennifer Garner. I just don't like her pregnant or normal style at all! In spanish, we call her "Papa sin Sal" - literally: unsalted potatoe. LOL - It means: Plain Jane. Pregnancy is the most beautiful experience! and after looking at her pics, I was just disappointed. She wore jeans, plain shirts, t-shirts, and turtle necks. I have no problem with monochronic t-shirts or stretchy jeans - but COME ON woman! Ayyy she's just so plain for me. She probably shops at Pea in a Pod. Fashionista moms hate that place!

Now I've never been pregnant, but I like pregnant women in:

  • Maxi dresses
  • Tight Cocktail dresses
  • Empire or Grecian inspired dresses
  • Black Leggings or Cig Pants with a great top and Blazer
  • Fitted Blazers or Jean Jackets over SuperSized Cardigans (because you don't want to appear bigger)
  • Horizontal Stripes
  • NOT too much cleavage (save it for the baby. the world already knows your expecting - but they aren't expecting to see your nipple drip)
  • Flowy hair down (not tied up in a knot, just because you can't seen your feet doesn't mean you can't reach your hair dryer)

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