Year 2, Internship 2

Hey! Welcome to my Year 2! My journey into the fashion world. Last year, I completed 9 months studying at Polimoda in Florence, Italy and 3 months at my 1st fashion internship for a start up public relations company in NYC. Today, I have started a new internship at another fashion public relations company in NYC. Last year was an emotional roller-coaster and I know this year will be too! I'm trying to get an in in Fashion PR in NYC all while finding a friendly niche and hopefully a love interest hehehe (perhaps I should apply to Millionaire Matchmaker) - all of this requires confidence, positivity and self assurance. I know I can! Yes I can! I know I will!

This new internship will be different from the last. Although, they are both PR - this time I will be focusing on inventory, samples, organization, and perhaps some events. My last internship was more of the communications side of PR (emailing, cold calling, and emailing). I'm exhausted already! hahahaha The office was a mess! They are going through some remodeling and everything is all over the place and I'm a neat freak! I find myself using the organizing post its, folding bags, picking up pens or hangers in order to continue my focus on sample inventory - but I LIKE IT! I'm moving and doing and that's what I like. At the last internship, I was just sitting and emailing all day and by the time I knew it it was 5pm. Another thing I like is the fact that there are other interns! Like 6 more! However, one of them was weird. She was assisting me all day and she eventually asked me to go to lunch with her. But while looking for a place to eat and during lunch she seemed very uninterested to talk - so why'd you ask me to lunch? cat got your tongue? ... then I thought? did I say something to offend you? (since people are so easily offended or bothered). ugh! well besides her, the interns and co-workers are all very very nice! great work environment! :D - - at the past internship, I only had a co-intern for 2 weeks. she was eventually fired for bailing work and talking back to the boss (not cool) but at least the boss and i got a long amazing!

Now I'd like to write a lil piece called "thats sooooo intern!"
At my last internship, I made the mistake of wearing heels sometimes - and when I wore them, I was suddenly told to run errands and drop off various clothing bags all over Manhattan. [Like my friends say "Like the devil wears Prada".

Today, I made the mistake of answering questions too fast. I was asked if I liked dogs or if I was allergic to them - "No! I love them!" ... what happened? well I was asked to walk, poop, and drop off 'pablo' the office dog to his lux apartment ... yep! that was me! the intern skipping through town to pick up some doggy poop. LOL
............... that's sooooooooo intern!

To all those starting to intern or moving into the fashion world ... 
hey! it's all fair play...live n learn, baby!

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