Fashion Shoot: Neon Planet for Veux magazine

About a month ago, my former public relations co-intern and NY fashion blogger (A Hit from Sarah), Sarah texted me at 12:30am asking if I could last minute assist her for a top secret fashion shoot out in Islip, New York. I said "why not?!" It's Sunday, and I have nothing to do. I was up at 5am, at Columbus Circle at 8am and fell asleep on the way there. The photo shoot took place at magical residential area with a team of 10 up and coming über fashionistas like Jillian Mercado and Brian McGuffog. Honestly, I really didn't do much, but eat because the family that hosted the  space served an incredible vegan buffet and freeze to death because I never wear warm leggings. I pretty much packed the clothes, made sure Sarah didn't pass out since she was no sleep after working the night shift at The Clock at the MOMA and yey or nay'ed some of the looks. Finally, the editorial is out and can be seen on the closing pages of Canadian VEUX magazine's 10th issue ALCHEMY as "Neon Planet". Therefore, I can now post my backstage photos. Enjoy!

adorable dog at Islip home


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