The Scene: New York Fashion Week: Day 5

just in case you are missing the shows like me, well because we aren't exactly invited, you can watch them on TV outside at the main entrance or on Style.com

Fashion, Style, Street Style, Paparazzi PHOTOGS all over the place!

Nicky Hilton arriving to MBFW - NYFW Day 4; Honestly, she looked gorgeous! I wouldn't have been able to get a picture if someone had yelled "Nicky!" She kindly stopped and let everyone take her picture. As she was walking up to Lincoln Center, I spotted her and thought "I wonder if that is Nicky Hilton? She's all by herself, she didn't come in a cab and is just making her way through like a normal girl on a normal day." It was in fact, Nicky once that somebody called her name out.  

lots of photogs, bloggers, paparazzi, AND tourist sitting by the fountain and enjoying the view

lucky for them, PETA was not there. #FURtastic ladies from Spain

not one of my favorite looks

I couldn't believe it! BILL CUNNINGHAM! Some guy had the balls to call him and say hi. Did you not know when he's working - HE'S WORKING. "Do Not Disturb!" He doesn't like and doesn't like being thought of as a 'fashion blogger / street style celeb' or whatever label you have of him.
However,  I was in awe. Every time I walk around the city, I think " I wonder if I'll see him zoom by on his bike " - this time, I caught him running up and down Lincoln Center snappin' shots. Watch Bill's videos on The New York Times 

Everyone yelled "Susie! Susie!" but I guess she was running late to the next show - she didn't stop for anyone on the way in. Just in case you don't know who I am talking about, I'm talking about top UK / INTL fashion blogger, Susie Bubblehttp://www.stylebubble.co.uk/

** These are all my images, taken with my Iphone **
I've stated over and over - I am not a professional photographer, do not wish to be - this blog is simply my hobby.


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