Feelings, So many Feelings

I don't want to seem bipolar, but I'm back at sad. I don't know if I'm homesick or it's my period bringing me down these last few days. It's even funny how my friends here are noticing a lot less talk and laugh. It's true, I have been a little more quiet, but I think I'll blame on my period. Should I even writing this on my blog? LOL - hey! its my space and my talk! FREE SPEECH baby!

*RANDOM* I'm watching the "rude boy" video by Rihanna and it's weird! Its a Sean Paul meets Cavalli while trippin on some acid!

Anyways - I don't want to talk about sad and sound like Daria. I'm just going through some quiet days; sometimes you need them.

I am missing my family and friends but I know I'll be seeing them very soon.

I think tomorrow I'm going to talk to the school again, to make a "suggestion" LOL - meaning I'm going to make a few bitchy comments. I don't know if its a languague barrier but when I sat down and explained to who I think is the dean or head teacher of my program, I thought he was going to work out a few things like: 1. getting us some books or printing out our sheets to follow the classes (the program did say MATERIALS INCLUDED!) 2. Actually have the Fashion Testimonial class have TESTIMONIALS! The presenters are always "sick" lately - c'mon people have some vitamin C ! and 3. Create challenge. I still feel like this is too easy! I didn't even go to an amazing university but I think I did A LOT more projects, info, tests, etc - I know I sound crazy, but I am very thirsty for some fashion knowledge and I feel like I'm getting them in little bits. TOO LITTLE. Yes yes I get it - Your teachers have amazing work experience at Gucci, La Perla, Ferragamo but I think they need to explain it a little more and get into the real business details. However, while cooking my lunch just a bit ago (which was delishh!) it occurred to me that maybe my challenge isn't at school but 2 other things: Italian & Internship. Honestly, I haven't enrolled in Italian yet and I need to learn it in order to get a killer internship here and it's also an extra (my 4th language). If I don't know enough I can always get an internship somewhere else (Spain, South America, US) but the point of me here is to learn. So I promise I'll get to it.

Bueno y nada mas. My life is pretty routine here. I'm still resolving my credit card fraud problem with my bank, class and class trips, working on little projects, walking or on the bus, going to the supermarket, and on weekends going to lounges, bars, or stores with a few friends from school. Todo tranquilo, nada new. I might spice it up and go to Milan this weekend.

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