Shantall Lacayo: Oleos Sobre Tela

Last week, I went to an annual fashion show by my one and only favorite nicaraguan designer, Shantall Lacayo. I think I was 16 and she was 17 when she had her 1st fashion show and I loved it! Back then she was thee sexiest designer I knew - very "Cavalliesque" - even her bridal wear was latin hot. About 2 years ago, she finally left Nicaragua and started studying fashion textile at Buenos Aires, Argentina and opened an atelier. I personally hated her show last year, I thought the pieces were dull, brown, and just too Argentinean. It was like she lost herself. This year, her show was called "Oleos sobre Tela". She used photomontage of Nicaraguan artists paintings to create "Pucci-like" textile. I loved this year's show! It was a hit! Her sexy is BACK! (literally too!) Each piece transitioned from Herve Leger to Pucci to Rock & Republic to nautical Ralph Lauren. The pictures above are some of my favorite looks, but quality isn't that great. I was sitting 3 rows back, on the side, and the lighting wasn't helping. Hope you like! ** I just found an interview of her for TrendXchange and she said:

-¿Con qué icono de la moda relacionas la colección?

-En este momento podría relacionarla con la actriz Kate Bosworth. En Argentina me gusta mucho el estilo de Susana Giménez, especialmente cuando viste un Cavalli o un Emilio Pucci.

I was right! What can I say - when I know it, I KNOW IT!

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