Accessory Spotlight: Nicaraguan Designers

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the last info on my resume reads INTERESTS and the two bullet points read
  • accessory hunting, cooking, modern art and traveling
  • my fashion blog, beatricecatchesfashion.blogspot.com
man, DO I LOVE to buy accessories, dive into my moms vintage, miss the Italian flee markets, and continue to try to master the skill of accessory designing - I've tried all sorts of bracelets, anklets, and headbands. it's definitely a skill i'd love to possess. however, i'll just continue shopping and looking for new designers.

Therefore, I present to you not just one but three exceptional Nicaraguan accessory designers that are not only spreading wings in Nicaragua but in Chile, Argentina, and Australia. At the moment, all two of the three are part-time designers (lawyer, architect student) but all three have managed to present their collections with rave reviews.

Georgina describes her brand to be a mixture of silver, 18 karat gold-plated silver, leather, 'carey' designs decorated with semi precious stones and other diverse natural elements that highlight femininity. This past December, GEO debuted her latest collection named 'Aurum' at the SS12 Shantall Lacayo runway show.

Shantall Lacayo S/S 2012 runway show accessorized by Geo Designs
Runway night
Photography: Fotografia F2.8

 Shantall Lacayo S/S 2012 runway show accessorized by Geo Designs
Fitting day
Photography: Fotografia F2.8
CLICK--> GEO Designs and Shantall Lacayo collaborations

 Every Rose Has Its Thorn piece by Gabriela Galeano

 Heart Of Steel piece by Gabriela Galeano

 Intruder piece by Gabriela Galeano

My recent obsession and discovery has been young designer, Gabriela, who turned her dream into reality in 2011. She describes Sunday to Sunday, to be more than just a jewelry line, but a concept, a lifestyle. For every woman out there who isn't afraid to be herself and stand out rather than blend in. That's exactly the kind of jewelry and brand i love! Not only is her mission a statement but so are those pieces! Can't wait to get my hands on them.
CLICK--> Sunday to Sunday tumblr

(Photos below, pieces by Karla Castillo)

Wild West collection by Karla Castillo
pictures taken on Coral Coast, Australia

Karla Castillo
Photography: Fotografia F2.8
Karla Castillo
Photography: Fotografia F2.8

Karla's brand caught my eye not only because of the massive rings but because she works with recycled silver! She combines swarovski crystals, semi precious stones, river pearls, wood, and sea shell oysters found across the Nicaraguan beach coasts! Reminds me of the jewelry from Indonesia - pure, eclectic, and bold.

CLICK--> Karla Castillo website 

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